Get to know our staff – David Bonne Jr VP of HVA

David pic for blog bio

Allow me to take a moment to introduce you to our Vice President, Mr. David Bonne Jr. Many of you may already know our extraordinary leader, although you might know him by his adolescent nickname – DJ. Dave Jr is the heart and soul of HVA, our peerless leader in all things insurance, and a heck of a nice guy to boot.

I handed Dave Jr a list of 7 simple questions for today’s blog bio. His answers show me two things

  • He does not like to toot his own horn
  • He is a bit of a wise guy

The very first question I asked our Veep was “Why did you choose a career in insurance?” and his answer was 5 words long. “I was born into it.” David’s father, Dave Sr is a life long insurance guy who ate, slept, and breathed insurance so it’s no wonder that his oldest son became an insurance agent. I would go so far as to say that both Dave Sr and Dave Jr have insurance knowledge running through their veins. Dave Jr’s favorite thing about being an insurance agent is the knowledge that each policy he writes helps someone avoid financial ruin. “Insurance is asset protection” he so often says and he takes his job very seriously. David began his insurance career at Prudential and in 1993 he joined his father at Hudson Valley Agents. When he worked for Prudential in 1989 he sold life insurance, imagine how difficult it must have been for a young man in his early twenties trying to sell life insurance to people in their 40’s and 50’s. Trying to get anyone to take him seriously was difficult but he worked hard, learned the ropes, and then took that knowledge and helped build Hudson Valley Agents into a thriving independent business that has clients all throughout the entire Hudson Valley.

David was born in Queens but moved to Scotchtown when he was very, very young. (I believe there were still working farms in Scotchtown back then) He attended Pine Bush schools and remained an Orange County resident until 2013 when he moved to Ulster County. “Ulster has a different vibe than Orange, there’s a sense of calm here that can’t be found anywhere else.”, he says. His favorite thing to do in the Hudson Valley is explore everything it has to offer. Every June he can be found at Mountain Jam, every July he’s at the Rosendale Street Festival, and every August he’s at the Chronogram Block Party. If there is a festival happening in the Hudson Valley the chances are really good that you’ll find him there sampling local wares, speaking to local business owners, and generally enjoying everything Hudson Valley.

Life isn’t all about insurance and exploring the Hudson Valley for Dave Jr. He’s a big supporter of St Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Hudson Valley SPCA. When I asked him about his hobby’s he told me that he really has only one, gambling. I asked him why on earth he choose gambling as his hobby and he replied, “Gambling is a lot like insurance.” and when you think about it you’ll find that it is a very true comparison.

Dave Jr puts his twenty-six years of insurance experience to work every day at HVA and he puts that experience to good use by making sure that each client he insures has the correct amount of insurance coverage with an insurance company that he has personally vetted. He takes pride in HVA’s ability to insure all of the unique independent businesses in the Hudson Valley as well as its many historic homes and festivals. David is proactive and a ferocious advocate for his clients and their needs.

Stop by Hudson Valley Agent’s Walden offices and get to know Dave Jr, I can promise that it will be a meeting that you will never forget (be prepared to duck though, he tends to have rubber band wars with the staff) and ask him to reevaluate your current insurance policies. Put his twenty-six years of insurance expertise to work for you and watch your savings account bloom!