Get to know Lucas and the Kingston Card Vault


Today’s blog is all about a man and his love of a game, Magic the Gathering. Allow me to introduce you to Lucas O’Keefe-Sommer and his newly opened shop – The Kingston Card Vault.

The first thing you notice when you walk into the Kingston Card Vault is the atmosphere, part living room, part retail shop. The comfy sofa and chairs call to you to sit and stay awhile and people usually do. The second thing you notice is that people of all ages are browsing and interacting with each other and the language they are speaking is like nothing I have ever heard before. This is the language of Magic the Gathering and it’s pretty complex and intriguing. In some ways it’s like stepping into a whole new world.


Lucas and his shop offer something that is unique to the Hudson Valley and it cannot be matched by his largest (and only) competitor, The Dragon’s Den in Poughkeepsie. The Kingston Card Vault offers a place for the adults and children who play Magic the Gathering a comfortable and accepting location to come together and interact with those who share the same interests and enthusiasm for this game. Parents actually like bringing their kids to the shop because Lucas is a patient teacher who takes the time to get to know his clientele and provides an honest and fair place for their children to indulge in their passion for Magic the Gathering as well as other games. Plus Mom and Dad have the added bonus of being able to shop all of the great uptown Kingston retailers or enjoy a meal at the many restaurants within walking distance of the shop. The comfy couch and air conditioning is an added bonus for parents who are worn out from their own shopping excursions.

KCV magic cards_edited

Lucas has taken his passion for a fantasy card game and turned it into a successful business and I believe that the lessons he’s learned from his 19 years of playing Magic have helped shaped his success. He took the time to try to explain the game to me and I have to admit that I am still stymied by it all. Magic the Gathering teaches math skills (which I am sorely lacking), probability skills, and the ability to think creatively. You have to be able to think in more than one dimension and that is a skill that’s worth learning. You also have to be pretty darn smart to play this and Lucas is incredibly intelligent. He understands the people who play, why they play, and what they need when they get together to play. This is not something you can find anywhere else in the Hudson Valley.


I stopped into see Lucas a few weeks ago and I made a comment about being “too old to learn how to play Magic”. One of the many young men browsing in the shop spoke up and told me about teaching his Grandfather how to play. As this young man’s Grandfather slipped further into the abyss of forgetfulness the ability to play Magic remained even after he lost his ability to remember his Grandson’s name. Playing Magic was a way for the two of them to still interact and connect with each other and hearing this story brought tears to my eyes and I knew then and there that this place and this game were something very special.

KCV Magic origins

The Kingston Card Vault is located on the bottom floor of the Kingston Opera House in uptown Kingston. Bring your family and friends and explore everything that the Kingston Card Vault and uptown Kingston has to offer, I promise that you’ll enjoy yourselves! Find out what makes Lucas and the Kingston Card Vault a unique and valued part of the Hudson Valley business community. (Oh, and since this is a blog for Hudson Valley Agents please give them a call when it comes time to insure your Hudson Valley business!)