Garlic & Grapes 2 Fall Festivals happening this weekend

garlic and grapes

Happy Friday Hudson Valley! Fall is the best time to be a Hudson Valley resident isn’t it? We have access to so many of the wonders fall has to offer – farmers markets, apple picking, pumpkin picking, hiking, leaf peeping, and tons of fall festivals. My favorite fall festival is happening this weekend; The Hudson Valley Garlic Festival. If wine is more your thing check out the Grape Stomp Festival happening this weekend too!

Hudson Valley Garlic Festival – 2 days of garlic flavored fun in Saugerties! Saturday hours are 10-6 and Sunday’s are 10-5. Admission is $10 at the gate and get there early because parking can be a nightmare. When I tell you that this festival is a big deal I truly mean that it is a BIG DEAL. The first garlic festival was held in 1989 with little to no advertising. When it was held in 1990 425 people came and that number increased each year. In 1995 45,000 people came to Saugerties to indulge in all things garlic and who knows how many people will be there this year. Expect crowds, be kind, and enjoy some garlic flavored popcorn while you’re there.

Grape Stomp Festival – I have visions in my head of Lucille Ball stomping grapes and I have to laugh. I doubt anyone who attends this festival will have Lucille’s comic timing but you never know! Robibero Family Winery in New Paltz is holding this event on Saturday and Sunday from 11-6 each day. Admission is $20 and for that you get to stop grapes, sip wine (either a full glass or do a tasting), and a wine glass with the Robibero Family Winery logo. There are lots of things for the little one’s to do, while the adults stomp and sip as well as food trucks and live music.

Get outside and explore the Hudson Valley this weekend! Stomp on some grapes, eat some chocolate covered garlic, meet new people, and enjoy! Eat local, shop local, explore local, and insure local with Hudson Valley Agents!