Explore the Hudson Valley – Rhinebeck


It’s Friday Hudson Valley! Time to explore more of the towns, villages, hamlets, and cities that make our valley such a great place to live and today we are going to focus on Rhinebeck.

Rhinebeck is in Dutchess county and if I have read the wikipedia entry correctly, was founded by the Dutch settlers that decided to move away from Kingston. (as a Kingston resident I just cannot grasp why anyone would leave here, but I digress) The village of Rhinebeck is attracting some major interest, Chelsea Clinton got married here and Miley Cyrus behaves herself when she visits (she was here last weekend). Emma Roberts, Ramona Singer and Rufus Wainwight all once called Rhinebeck home.

Rhinebeck has something for everyone and this video from visitvortex.com proves it

The biggest and best of all of the NY county fairs happens every August right here in Rhinebeck – The Dutchess County Fair! Don’t forget to check out the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome or catch an indie flick at the original Upstate Films, the only place in the Hudson Valley that I know of where you get fresh popcorn with real butter or homemade brownies. The farmers markets, the great shops, and restaurants that are beyond compare.

Get outside and explore the Hudson Valley! Take pictures, act like a tourist, and enjoy all the diverse and wonderful things our valley has to offer. Who knows what you will find or who you might see. Take a day trip and find your next favorite spot in the Hudson Valley. That’s the great part of living in the Hudson Valley our towns/cities/villages are all different, we are unique, fiercely independent, and stunningly beautiful too. Hudson Valley Agents can and does insure all things Hudson Valley and we do it with the same independent spirit so give us a call before you head out on your next Hudson Valley adventure!