Even artists need insurance

“Art is literacy of the heart”- Elliot Eisner

Today’s blog post was written by Philip Bender-Tymon

Where Creative and Covered Meet
Creative individuals, artists, and freelancers are noticing a new trend in their business dealings with clients.  Many who work with corporate clients, or at institutions or spaces where work is either created or installed on-site, are now being asked to carry general liability insurance.
In today’s lawsuit-prone society, it makes smart business sense for formerly free-spirits to carry at least a basic liability insurance policy.
Say you are a sculptor and your installation at a gallery falls over, seriously injuring a patron. If that patron sues and you have a policy in place, the insurance company takes over the lawsuit, hires the lawyers and conducts proceedings and settlements (if any) on your behalf.
Situations like that are exactly what’s driving requests by gallery owners, government agencies and corporations to request what is called a Certificate of Insurance – or COI – as a proof of insurance coverage.
And fortunately, it’s not expensive.
A variety of options are available for covering anything from a one-day event for as little as $40 to a 12-month policy that might only cost a couple hundred dollars.
Talk to your independent insurance agent about what coverages are available to protect you.
You’ll sleep better – and so will your clients!
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