Do you play Pokemon Go?

pokemon go

Lately, we have noticed quite a few people walking into cars, curbs, traffic, and walls.  At first, we thought this was a massive case of texting while walking but our guess was way, way off base.  It seems that Pokemon Go fever has hit Walden, and this could be a good thing for the small business owners in the area.  We say “could be” because, while increased foot traffic is a wonderful thing, increased distracted people who only stop in to catch a Pokemon is not.  There are store owners who are taking this Pokemon Go phenomenon and making it work to their advantage, these are the business owners that have downloaded the game to their phones and clicked the “Lure Module” and then sat back and watched their sales increase.  Of course, many of these savvy business owners have also posted signs that say “Pokemon are for paying customers only” and that could be a deal breaker for the broke Pokemon Go player.

Small business owners aren’t the only one’s who are seeing an increase in their business, many police departments have found that Pokemon Go has led to an increase in trespassing complaints, car accidents (do not play this game while driving), and one unlucky player even found a corpse.

Pokemon Go has done something that no other video game has ever done before; it took the players off the couch and out into the real world, and that is an amazing thing.  We doubt that Nintendo (makers of Pokemon Go) had any idea that this game would lead to hoards of zombie-like people wandering into traffic to capture a Snorlax or Pikachu, but it has and now this is now our new reality.

Play on Hudson Valley and don’t forget to look up occasionally.