Do stay at home Moms need life insurance?


We need to talk about Stay-At-Home Moms and life insurance.  usually, when you are shopping for a life insurance policy you look for something that will help your family carry on without that person’s financial support, but life insurance for a Stay-At-Home mom is different because there is no income to replace but hiring the people to do her job can break the bank. recently shared an article about how much money a Stay-At-Home Mom would make in one year, drum roll please…..  $143,102.00 a year.  Will your current life insurance policy cover the cost to hire someone to do all of the cooking, cleaning, driving, and everything else that a Stay-At-Home Mom does?  That being said, wouldn’t it be nice if Stay-At-Home Moms were actually paid to do all of the things they do on a daily basis?

If you have a family you need to have life insurance, there is just no other way to look at it.  Stay-At-Home Moms and Stay-At-Home Dads need to call Hudson Valley Agents and speak to our life insurance experts today.