Creating a home inventory list

creating a home inventory list

When I purchased my home 2 years ago this month I did not immediately create a home inventory list and I really regret it.  It would have been so much easier to just photograph and list each item as I unpacked it but I, like so many other people, just put aside the task of creating a home inventory list because the job just seems to large to tackle.

If your home is destroyed by a fire and you did not have a home inventory list the insurance adjuster will be forced to “guesstimate” what you may or may not have actually have owned.  The amount of money paid to you when your claim is settled might be much, much lower than you expected.  If you can show an accurate list, with photographs, of your home’s inventory you will be able to replace (and in some cases, upgrade) everything you lost.

If the task of creating a home inventory seems daunting and that is why you have put it off then take heart, there are apps to help with that!  There are several great home inventory apps and is a great place to start.  Some insurance company’s would like your home inventory lists to include or exclude certain things so looking over your policy or calling your insurance agent before you begin is always a good idea.

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