Could Dracula get life insurance?

halloween life insurance

Two of the scariest words in the insurance world are – LIFE INSURANCE!!!

Dracula would not be able to get life insurance, the undead rarely can pass the health exam so many insurance companies require. Frankenstein would be out of luck as well, and if you happen to be a zombie there are some insurance companies that might require you to pay back that life insurance check your spouse received. Werewolves and ghosts face similar life insurance challenges but they don’t tend to complain about it as much as the others. They understand that life insurance is exclusively for the living.

Life insurance is a fitting topic to discuss in October isn’t it? Our fields have been plowed, the crops harvested, and the trees are getting ready to brave the winter cold. It is the time of year when we are faced with death and hibernation and the promise of another cold Hudson Valley winter. Life insurance comes into play after we are long gone and its purpose is to help prepare those left behind for their new life without someone they love. It’s a scary subject but one that can be made less scary if you look at it in a different way. Life insurance is not there to help you, it exists to help those you love continue with their lives without you and your income. Life insurance is the very last gift you can give to your family and it ensures that they will be able to carry on, financially at least, without you.

Once you are over your fright give the life insurance professionals at Hudson Valley Agents a call. Dave Jr will help you choose the plan that fits your family’s needs and budget. There is really no need to be afraid, call HVA today – 778-2141.