Could Dr. Xavier get homeowners insurance?

im batman

Hudson Valley Comic Con is May 7-8 this year and it’s looking like it might be a whole lot of fun to go check it out.  Finding their website the day after watching an X-Men flick with my fiancee led me to wonder if any of our favorite comic book hero’s had Hudson Valley connections.  When I found out about Dr. Xavier’s school and Strong Guy’s connections I was hooked!  But this information left me with one very serious question, could Dr. Xavier insure his home/school?

Dr. Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters is located in Westchester county so he would be able to call Hudson Valley Agents for his homeowners insurance.  That point alone would save him thousands of dollars, but what about the “Gifted Youngsters” who also reside in the house?  Wouldn’t all of the fires, frozen pipes, and broken walls force Dr. Xavier to submit multiple claims to his homeowners insurance company?  According to the insurance experts at HVA, when you make multiple claims on your insurance policy you can expect your rates to increase.  When you look at all of the damage that those “Gifted Youngsters” inflict upon the structure Dr. Xavier might be better off just paying for his repairs out of pocket.  Save the insurance claims for when a spaceship lands on the house and just pay a local contractor (who insures with Hudson Valley Agents) to do the repairs.  Of course, there’s the whole issue of whether or not this is a school or a residence but that’s a topic for a different blog post.

Dr. Xavier is not the only X-Men with a Hudson Valley connection, Strong Guy (of X-Men fame) was “born” in Rhinebeck, which is located in Dutchess County. as is Bard College where Dr. Xavier studied before going to Oxford.  This terrific article from the Hudson Valley Almanac Weekly has a much more precise list and it is a great read.

We always knew that the Hudson Valley was a very special place and knowing that other’s like it enough to put it into their own work makes us smile.  Hey Hudson Valley Comic Con, Hudson Valley Agents offers affordable event insurance so give us a call next year!  #insurelocal