2 thoughts about online car insurance

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Have you ever taken the time to read your current insurance policies? Unless you are fluent in insurance lingo simply attempting the first page is an exercise in frustration. It seems that “A” is always covered unless “A” is caused by “B” or “C”, if “C” or “B” occurs then “A” is not covered, it is enough to make any educated brain spin out of control. If you don’t have an insurance background you could easily find yourself with substandard insurance coverage.

Having substandard insurance coverage is one of the drawbacks of purchasing your insurance online and that could be financially devastating. The convenience of insurance shopping in our pajamas is wonderful, wonderful if you fully understand what it is you absolutely need covered. Insurance policies are legally binding contracts, shouldn’t you know what you are getting into? Without prior insurance knowledge finding out if you have the correct amount of insurance coverage is next to impossible and finding out that your insurance is simply a liability only policy after you’ve been in an accident could cost you thousands of dollars. Websites that offer you insurance without explaining exactly what your policy covers can leave you with a policy that has a higher than average deductible or one that does not offer new car replacement.

You cannot judge the quality of your insurance coverage by your monthly premium. When people shop for insurance online I find that many just look at the cost per month and not how much coverage that amount of money covers. Not all insurance companies, or insurance policies, are created equal so comparing rates without also examining the coverage gives you an incomplete insurance picture. How can you make an educated decision without having all the information? You can’t. This is why having a living, breathing insurance agent is important.

When you sit down with an independent insurance agent at Hudson Valley Agents you are sitting down with decades of insurance experience and the ability to shop multiple insurance companies to find you the perfect insurance fit. HVA offers personalized insurance that still comes internet access, the best of both worlds! You could choose to buy your insurance through a cartoon general or a company that was born online and risk not having the coverage you thought you had, or you could have the right amount of insurance coverage through a family run independent insurance agency that works with NYS based companies. Pay an anonymous big name corporation or support a local small business? Don’t be one faceless many that are willing to accept substandard insurance coverage, give HVA a call today.