4 Things you never knew about insurance agents


I spoke to a woman today who told me that she is paying way too much for insurance but she will not change companies because she’s uncomfortable trusting any insurance agent to not be “a sleaze ball”, and that my friend’s is an exact quote. I told her about Hudson Valley Agents, I even went so far as to say, “Hudson Valley Agents is the Hudson Valley’s best family owned independent insurance agency!”, talk about shameless promotion! I think insurance agents have an undeserved bad reputation so today’s blog should help clean that up.

Independent insurance agents are some of the hardest working people in the insurance business and perhaps it is time we acknowledged this fact. Before one can actually call themselves an insurance agent they have to learn the business, they have to study and pass a state licensing test and have hours of continuing education to keep that license. They need to be versed in many different types of insurance and have a well honed business sense. They must calmly and compassionately help clients who have just suffered a tragedy (house fire, car accident, death of a loved one). They are part financial planner, part counselor, part insurance law expert, and part business person all rolled up in one.

When you look for a new independent insurance agent there are things you need to keep in mind –

1- It isn’t all about money. A good insurance agent will find you the best coverage available even if it is with a company that pays the agent a low commission. The client must come first.

2- They have to give above average customer service. Normally people only speak to their insurance agent when they first purchase their policy, when they need to add or subtract something from their policy, or when they need to make a claim. They have only two or three interactions in which to make a positive impression. When a client needs to make a claim or change their coverage they expect to be taken care of promptly and professionally so good customer service is the key to repeat business.

3- You need to be pretty darn smart to be an insurance agent. Life insurance, business insurance, auto insurance, homeowners insurance, boat insurance, classic car insurance, vacation insurance, wedding insurance, and many, many other types of insurance policies are sold by the same agency and your agent should be able to answer any question you have about any aspect of your policy.

4- Independent insurance agencies are usually a family affair. Our agency is a father and son agency and together they have several decades of insurance knowledge. When something is part of your family you work harder for it. Your business reputation and your family reputation go hand in hand.

Remember the lady I spoke of in the beginning of the blog? She just called me and asked for Hudson Valley Agent’s phone number (845-778-2141). She told me that if anyone could speak so highly of her insurance agent then they must be worth looking into! When you find a great insurance agent it’s kind of hard to keep quiet about it so if you love your insurance agent tell a friend or two and share the love. Hudson Valley Agents is the Hudson Valley’s best family owned independent insurance agency. Let them show you that the best insurance in the Hudson Valley can be found at Hudson Valley Agents.

Captive insurance agents VS Non-Captive insurance agents


Insurance is everywhere, at least in the advertising world. Sit down to watch your favorite half hour sitcom and you will see at least three insurance commercials. Pick up a magazine or look at a website and you’ll see an advertisement for insurance. Car insurance, renters insurance, business insurance, homeowners insurance, pet insurance, and more bombard our every waking moment and yet most of us put our insurance needs on auto pilot and never think of it again.

The majority of heavily advertised insurance companies have captive agents, captive agents work for one company only and can only offer you the insurance products that their company carries. Those choices may or may not be a perfect insurance fit for your insurance needs and that could leave your assets unprotected. These captive agents are also unable to help you shop around for better coverage or better insurance rates. I liken it to eating at a restaurant that only offers two choices for breakfast, two choices for lunch, and two choices for dinner. You really have no choices at all.

Hudson Valley Agents is not a captive agency, it’s just not our style. We work with many different insurance companies that believe that their insurance products speak for themselves so heavy advertising is not necessary. Dave Jr has personally chosen to work with insurance companies that offer great value as well as above average coverage. We work with companies like Mapfre Insurance, Safeco Insurance, and Preferred Mutual to name a few. Several of the insurance companies we work with are New York State based, that means you have the chance to really insure local!

The Hudson Valley has embraced the farm to table movement as well as the shop local movement so why not embrace the insure local movement? When you insure with a local independent insurance agency like Hudson Valley Agents you get real choices, better rates, improved asset protection and your insurance dollars aren’t paying for annoying commercial jingles! Stop the jingles and insure local, call us today!

2 thoughts about online car insurance

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Have you ever taken the time to read your current insurance policies? Unless you are fluent in insurance lingo simply attempting the first page is an exercise in frustration. It seems that “A” is always covered unless “A” is caused by “B” or “C”, if “C” or “B” occurs then “A” is not covered, it is enough to make any educated brain spin out of control. If you don’t have an insurance background you could easily find yourself with substandard insurance coverage.

Having substandard insurance coverage is one of the drawbacks of purchasing your insurance online and that could be financially devastating. The convenience of insurance shopping in our pajamas is wonderful, wonderful if you fully understand what it is you absolutely need covered. Insurance policies are legally binding contracts, shouldn’t you know what you are getting into? Without prior insurance knowledge finding out if you have the correct amount of insurance coverage is next to impossible and finding out that your insurance is simply a liability only policy after you’ve been in an accident could cost you thousands of dollars. Websites that offer you insurance without explaining exactly what your policy covers can leave you with a policy that has a higher than average deductible or one that does not offer new car replacement.

You cannot judge the quality of your insurance coverage by your monthly premium. When people shop for insurance online I find that many just look at the cost per month and not how much coverage that amount of money covers. Not all insurance companies, or insurance policies, are created equal so comparing rates without also examining the coverage gives you an incomplete insurance picture. How can you make an educated decision without having all the information? You can’t. This is why having a living, breathing insurance agent is important.

When you sit down with an independent insurance agent at Hudson Valley Agents you are sitting down with decades of insurance experience and the ability to shop multiple insurance companies to find you the perfect insurance fit. HVA offers personalized insurance that still comes internet access, the best of both worlds! You could choose to buy your insurance through a cartoon general or a company that was born online and risk not having the coverage you thought you had, or you could have the right amount of insurance coverage through a family run independent insurance agency that works with NYS based companies. Pay an anonymous big name corporation or support a local small business? Don’t be one faceless many that are willing to accept substandard insurance coverage, give HVA a call today.