What is a BOP?

what is a bop

In honor of Small Business Week (#DreamSmallBiz) we thought we would answer the “What is a BOP?” question.  A small business owner needs insurance, and a BOP is simply a Business Owners Policy.  A BOP covers many of the things that a small business owner needs coverage for-  basic liability and business property.

Your Business Owners Policy covers these specific things:

  • Unexpected business stoppage.  If you cannot open your business due to certain circumstances, this policy helps you pay things like payroll and rent.
  • Liability protection.  If your business is ever sued this is the coverage that helps you handle it.
  • Property coverage.  If your place of business is damaged or your equipment is stolen this is the policy that helps you get back on your feet.

It is important to keep in mind that a BOP might not be all of the insurance coverage your small business needs!  The only way to truly ensure that your small business is properly protected is to speak to a Hudson Valley Agent’s agent.  Call 845-778-2141 and speak with Dave Jr or Kathy about insuring your small business today.  If your small business has an artisanal flare keep Hudson Valley Agents in mind, we have specific policies to fit your unique insurance needs.

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5 ways to #insurelocal with HVA

HVA insuring the hv

Hudson Valley Agents has adopted the #insurelocal hashtag for a very good reason, we have 5, yes 5, New York state-based insurance companies that we work with and that is a pretty big deal.

When you insure with a regionally based insurance company your rates are regionally based.  For example, if your homeowners insurance is with Allstate or State Farm then you might have noticed an increase in your premiums after the California wild fires destroyed so many homes.  This happens when your insurance company covers everything everywhere.  A locally based insurance company’s rates reflect the risks and losses of their region and not the rest of the country.

If you would like to #insurelocal then give us a call, we work with these local companies –

Keep your money where you live, shop locally, eat locally, play locally, and insure locally with Hudson Valley Agents!


HVA can help you find a contractor

Spring time repairs

Finding a contractor for your Hudson Valley home repairs and remodeling just became a whole lot easier!  Did you know that Hudson Valley Agents has a long list of local Hudson Valley contractors who are fully insured and bonded?  You will never have to worry about hiring an under insured contractor again!  Just call 845-778-2141 and speak to Kathy or Dave Jr about our insured contractors, you’ll be very happy you did!  Oh, and while you’re on the phone with them take a moment to ask about our homeowners insurance policies!  Finding a great contractor and saving money on your homeowners insurance coverage just got a whole lot easier!  #insurelocal


Calling all Contractors!!!  We have fast, affordable insurance coverage for your business as well as coverage for artisan contractors and more!  Call us today.


Did you know that HVA insures festivals?


Those of you who regularly read our blog know that we are HUGE Mountain Jam fans!  For four days, rain or shine, you will find Dave Jr, and friends sitting on Hunter mountain grooving to some tunes.  This event is one we never miss and we always find HVA fans while we’re there.


Insuring an event of this magnitude is daunting but it can be done and it can be done affordably. When you insure a festival these are a few of the things you need to take into account:

  • Event cancellation coverage (rain or performer cancellation)
  • Fireworks liability (if you plan on having fireworks)
  • Vendor coverage
  • Event planner coverage
  • Liquor liability coverage (if serving adult beverages)
  • Property coverage
  • Performer liability
  • Venue Liability
  • Security personal/Assault and battery liability
  • Bonding (usually for municipalities)
  • Liability coverage for the land owner

IMAG0201_edited  (Yes, we can insure this gentleman’s ruby slippers)

Gathering up information and quotes on all of these different types of coverage might seem like a daunting task but the festival insurance experts at Hudson Valley Agents can do it and they do it well!


As a matter of fact, we can insure all kinds of festivals, concerts, street fairs, sporting events, and seasonal events like hay rides or winter carnivals.  If you need to insure an event or festival  we’ve got you covered!


Are you a vendor who travels to the many festivals happening all across the Hudson Valley?  We can take care of your insurance needs too.  Just call 778-2141 and ask for Dave Jr, just  don’t expect to get in touch with him during Mountain Jam, he’ll be on the mountain.  #insurelocal  #festivalinsurance #mountainjam

HVA can help you keep 2 of your New Year’s resolutions

HVA save money in 2016

Since we all have New Year’s resolutions on our minds I thought I would blog about the one I’m having the toughest time with, saving money.  I’ll bet that saving money is one of your New Year’s resolutions too so it only seems natural that I share one of the easiest ways to do it.  Get your life, auto, home owners, and business insurance policies reevaluated by an independent insurance agent.  This is one very simple step that has the potential to save your family thousands of dollars a month and all you have to do is pick up your phone.  Seriously, it is that easy.

An independent insurance agency like Hudson Valley Agents, has the insurance knowledge and the access to many different insurance companies needed to find the perfect insurance coverage with an affordable monthly rate.  No need for you to shop online and cross your fingers that you are buying the right coverage for your insurance needs, we’ve got you covered.

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to shop locally more often?  Hudson Valley Agents can help with that as well!  Not only are we a small Hudson Valley business we also work with many New York state-based insurance companies.  Keeping your money in the Hudson Valley and New York state is just as important to us as it is to you.

So there you have it Hudson Valley, 2 great ways that Hudson Valley Agents can help you keep your New Year’s resolutions!  Looking to save even more money in 2016?  Liberty Tax shares office space with Hudson Valley Agents in our 731 Rt 211 East, Middletown NY office, call 673-4300 for an appointment today.  #shoplocal #insurelocal #hudsonvalleyagents #youbelongatliberty

Do you need Cyber Liability insurance for your small business?

cyber liability ins

Let’s talk about Cyber Liability Insurance and why small business owners need to carry it.

Cyber Liability Insurance is a fairly new insurance policy, it’s only about 10 years old and it was created to help business recoup some of their financial losses due to data breach. In December 2013 Target announced that their company’s data had been breached, millions of people who shopped at Target found that their private information had been stolen and the cost to the company is around $148 million. If hackers can do this to a large company like Target you need to know that your own small business is not immune. Having your customer’s data or your businesses data hacked could cost you millions as well and that is why having a Cyber Liability insurance policy is so important!

Should your business ever become a target for hackers or should your company’s data become compromised here are some of the expenses you are likely to face –
State and Federal regulatory fines
Notification expenses (you have to let people know that their data has been compromised)
Liability for any costs to your clients
Class action lawsuits
Costs of system recovery

Having a Cyber Liability Insurance policy before your data is hacked is key to keeping your small business afloat. Cyber Liability insurance helps with
Restoring your business’s reputation
Business extortion
Business interruption
Loss of data

Taking steps to protect your small business from data breaches is important but understanding that no matter what steps you take there’s always going to be hackers that are three steps ahead of your IT professionals. That’s why Cyber Liability insurance is so important to today’s small business owner.

Protect your business with a Cyber Liability insurance policy from Hudson Valley Agents today. Just one phone call to 778-2141 could save your business and give you peace of mind.


Don’t be held captive by your insurance!

are you a captive

When you hear the word “captive” what is the first thought that comes into your head? Is it of a prisoner stuck behind bars with no freedom and no choices? That is the image that most people come up with, and why wouldn’t they? Merriam-Webster defines the word captive as – “taken and held as or as if a prisoner of war” or “kept within bounds or confined”. Neither definition has a positive ring to it. So why would anyone consider purchasing insurance through a captive agent?

A captive insurance agent is an insurance agent that can only offer you insurance the insurance options that their company offers. State Farm agents can only offer you the choices that State Farm has to offer and an Allstate agent’s rates are only as low as Allstate allows, their agents cannot look outside of their insurance company to find you insurance coverage that might better fit your needs. When you are talking about insurance the word captive means – NO CHOICE. We live in a world full of choices, why would we choose an insurance agent that has no choices at all?

Hudson Valley Agents is an independent insurance agency. We work with many different insurance companies (many of which are New York State based) and because we are independent we can find you an insurance policy that fits both your needs and your budget. We offer insurance choices that benefit our clients and all of the insurance companies we work with have an A- rating or better on AM Best.

We live in a world of choices and if your one size fits most insurance company doesn’t offer you something different from the rest then make the smart choice and go with a local independent insurance agency like Hudson Valley Agents. Don’t be held captive call HVA today!

Kingston is THE place to be this weekend!

kingston is the place to be

Welcome to the weekend Hudson Valley! There are tons of exciting things to do in the city of Kingston this weekend and I am going to attempt to enjoy all of them. Allow me to share with you all of the free, kid friendly fun events and I hope to see you at at least one of these.

The Kingston Film Festival – This film festival runs from the 14th – 17th at BSP on Wall St in uptown Kingston. Tickets to most films are $10. The Kingston Candy Bar is right next door & has terrific treats! You have to see this place to believe it and be prepared to act like a little kid in a candy store.

Kingston Farmers Market – This is probably the best farmers market in the Hudson Valley! Local farms, crafts people, brewers, distillers, and chefs all bring their A game to Kingston. This is a Saturday only event.

Chronogram Block Party – What happens when the Hudson Valley’s largest free arts and leisure magazine decides to throw a party? Two blocks of uptown Kingston close to traffic and people come from far and wide to enjoy free music, crafts, an etsy market, a charity dunking booth, and more! There’s a wine garden and a beer garden for the adults and tons of fun things for the kids too! This free event starts Saturday at 4pm and goes until 11pm.

Kingston Artists Soap Box Derby – What happens when you put artists together with a soap box derby? You get the most colorful and unique movable art projects to ever race down a hill! This free event takes place in the waterfront section of Kingston and the racers must make a right hand turn to avoid going into the Esopus Creek. The race starts at 1 but get there early to make sure you have a good seat. Stick around after the race for the awards ceremony and to check out all of the fun things to do on the waterfront.

If you have never taken the time to visit the city of Kingston then you don’t know what you are missing. Kingston is where history meets hip and everyone is welcome. Uptown Kingston is filled with fantastic architecture, great shops, and more restaurants than you can count! The Rondout section has Hudson River cruises, a thriving arts community, and great food too. Mid-town is rising and once the traffic changes are made to Broadway mid-town will be just as gorgeous as uptown and the Rondout.

Get outside and explore everything that the Hudson Valley has to offer! Find a new favorite restaurant, or shop at a local vendor (make sure to check out Bop To Tottom when you are uptown, it’s fabulous!) or just enjoy some of the gorgeous scenery. Kingston is THE place to be this weekend, will we see you there?

Shop local, explore local, eat local, and insure local with HVA!

Keeping it local with HVA

hva love to shop local

Have you taken a look at Hudson Valley Agent’s Partner Page lately? On it you will find local businesses that are either HVA clients or they are businesses that go the extra mile for their customer’s and deserve to be given added exposure. Today’s blog is all about these small businesses!

There are three restaurants/bars on our Partner Page, Ecce Terra, Naughty Monkey, and Touch Base Tavern.

Ecce Terra (Kingston) – EcceTerra is something pretty darn special and we think you will love this family run restaurant as much as we do! Stop by and meet Bridget and her family, enjoy a glass of prosseco and some of the best grilled halloumi you have ever tasted! (try their desserts & be prepared to not want to share)Ecce Terra

Naughty Monkey (Harriman) – You’ll go “bananas” for the cocktails! All punny aside, this place is known for its burgers and the 16 different beers they have on tap.

Touch Base (Chester) – This local favorite prides itself on being a place where fine craft beer meets well prepared food in an atmosphere of comfortable ease.

Looking for some help with your home? Our partner page has some great independent contractors!

RD’s Pavement – Located in Walden and serving the entire Hudson Valley! If you need paving done then this is the place to call first!

Hudson Valley Roofers – They are the 2013 & 2014 Times Herald Record Readers Choice for best Roofer!

Are you looking for a place for your new small business to call home? HVA’s Partner Page can help!

Kingston Opera House – Your business could be at Kingston’s best business address. Bill Oderkirk’s building is home to restaurants, retail shops, and more. Second and third floor office space is currently available.


We love local businesses! Local, family owned, small businesses are the back bone of our Hudson Valley community and we should all do our best to support them. Are you a small business owner? Why not contact HVA about being added to our Partner Page? Hudson Valley Agents is the Hudson Valley’s best independent insurance agency simply because we understand the needs of the Hudson Valley small business owner. We’re all in this together so help us get the word out about all of the wonderful local businesses that we love! Remember to shop local, eat local, explore local, and insure local with HVA!

Independent contractors need an independent insurance agent!


Are you an independent contractor in the Hudson Valley? If you answered yes to this question then allow me to ask you this – Are you carrying the right amount of insurance coverage?

Insurance can be the absolute biggest headache an independent contractor has to deal with. Generally an independent contractor should carry several types of insurance coverage –

– Coverage for errors and omissions: This coverage is for independent accountants, landscape architects, financial planners, and interior designers. This covers the liability risks that can be incurred if your advice to your client causes damage or they incur losses.

– Liquor and product liability: Independent bartenders and caterers need to protect themselves an illness or injury occur due to food or alcohol.

– Property damage and physical injury: Backhoes and other heavy equipment can do some damage if they aren’t operated properly.

These three things are just the tip of the iceberg! Don’t forget about contract liability coverage, professional liability, commercial vehicle, advertising personal injury, disability insurance, health insurance, general liability and more. How can an independent contractor figure all of this out on their own?

Hudson Valley Agents understands the insurance needs of the independent contractor. We are the Hudson Valley’s family owned independent insurance agency and we have been doing this for twenty five years. We can customize your independent contractors insurance policy to fit your needs and your budget and we do it quickly. We work with many companies and know which ones offer the best independent contractor insurance discounts. Protect your business, protect your assets, with low cost NY insurance from Hudson Valley Agents.