Do stay at home Moms need life insurance?


We need to talk about Stay-At-Home Moms and life insurance.  usually, when you are shopping for a life insurance policy you look for something that will help your family carry on without that person’s financial support, but life insurance for a Stay-At-Home mom is different because there is no income to replace but hiring the people to do her job can break the bank. recently shared an article about how much money a Stay-At-Home Mom would make in one year, drum roll please…..  $143,102.00 a year.  Will your current life insurance policy cover the cost to hire someone to do all of the cooking, cleaning, driving, and everything else that a Stay-At-Home Mom does?  That being said, wouldn’t it be nice if Stay-At-Home Moms were actually paid to do all of the things they do on a daily basis?

If you have a family you need to have life insurance, there is just no other way to look at it.  Stay-At-Home Moms and Stay-At-Home Dads need to call Hudson Valley Agents and speak to our life insurance experts today.


Life Insurance Awareness Month


September is Life Insurance Awareness Month and National Preparedness Month, so it only makes sense to sit down with one of our life insurance experts and talk about your life insurance needs.  We know, we know, no one wants to talk to an insurance agent about how much life insurance they need because it makes us all too aware of our own mortality and who wants to think about that?  No one, that’s who.  But, like it or not, life insurance is a necessary part of preparing your family for a future without you in it.  Please watch our video and then call Hudson Valley Agents 845-778-2141  #insurelocal  #lifeinsurance



Insurance that comes with an independent agent and a free app!

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Allow us to introduce you to HVA’s phone app!  Now Android and iPhone users can start a claim, make a payment, get a free quote, find their parked car, and more just by downloading our free app.  The Hudson Valley’s number one independent insurance agency just made insurance a whole lot smarter and easier.

HVA app free for boosting

Find out why we are the Hudson Valley’s #1 independent insurance agency, get your free insurance quote today!  #hudsonvalleyagents  #insurelocal

Top Five Reasons to Have Life Insurance

Finding quality life insurance can seem like such a hassle when weighing all your options. What policy is best? What amount should I be looking for? How much will my family need if something happens to me? It’s a stressful topic to consider, but the simple truth is that it is so important to face these hard questions. Having life insurance is so vital and here’s the top five reasons why.

1. Funeral Expenses aren’t cheap…

When the time comes to say goodbye to a loved one the emotional toll is already staggering. When that loved one has no life insurance it can put a substantial financial burden on families as well. Funeral cost can easily reach ten thousand dollars or much more. No family needs to struggle with costs like this when they are already grieving.

2. Do you have children?

If the answer to this question is yes then you need to consider their expenses. If something were to happen to you, would your kids be taken care of? What about college? Having good life insurance coverage allows you to make sure your kids will always have the life you want for them even if you aren’t here to personally provide it to them.

3. Could you make it on one income?

For anyone who is married and both of you work, this is a major concern. If something were to happen to one of you, could the other survive on their income alone or have you built a life around your combined efforts? Life insurance can help alleviate this stress. It can provide supplemental income while the bereaved spouse adjusts to their new life.

4. What about debt?

Life insurance can help to pay off debts like your mortgage, car loans, or other loans. This may save loved ones from going into foreclosure or defaulting on loans due to loss of income.

5. Peace of mind is everything.

Knowing that you have set everything in place to care for your loved ones in the event of your death can take substantial stress off of your day to day life. It allows you to just live without worry that you will ever leave them in a situation that financially ruins them. You can care for them even when you are gone.

Proudly serving Walden, NY, all of us here at Hudson Valley Agents want to help you make the best choices in your life insurance journey. We are here to make the process as easy and beneficial as possible for your family.

5 ways to #insurelocal with HVA

HVA insuring the hv

Hudson Valley Agents has adopted the #insurelocal hashtag for a very good reason, we have 5, yes 5, New York state-based insurance companies that we work with and that is a pretty big deal.

When you insure with a regionally based insurance company your rates are regionally based.  For example, if your homeowners insurance is with Allstate or State Farm then you might have noticed an increase in your premiums after the California wild fires destroyed so many homes.  This happens when your insurance company covers everything everywhere.  A locally based insurance company’s rates reflect the risks and losses of their region and not the rest of the country.

If you would like to #insurelocal then give us a call, we work with these local companies –

Keep your money where you live, shop locally, eat locally, play locally, and insure locally with Hudson Valley Agents!


TBT- Feeling nostalgic for the 1980’s

davids old license

I have been a bit nostalgic lately, perhaps the cause is our peerless leader, Dave Jr and his impending 50th birthday?  Reaching Level 50 (yes, that is how Dave refers to his upcoming birthday) does make you reflect.  Both Dave Jr and I were teenagers in Orange county in the bad old 1980’s, a decade known for bad hair, neon colors, and MTV.  When I look back on the things we wore/said/listened to I sometimes cringe with horror but I almost always smile.

my hs pic

I think that every teenager in the 80’s thought that high school really would be like a John Hughes movie.  Our collective angst was given the Hollywood glamor treatment in the movie The Breakfast Club and we all wanted to be Pretty In Pink.  We wore our hair high and I think every single girl I went to high school with has their own Aqua Net disaster story to tell.

orange plaza

I, like every other teenager in Orange county, spent way too much time in the Orange Plaza.  If I wasn’t working there I was shopping or just hanging out.  What else was there to do?

Thinking back on the bad old 80’s can be fun but all too often it reminds me that I am an adult now and can no longer truly rock out to Boy George without expecting serious eye rolls from my daughter.  Being a teen in the 1980’s was the best but I truly believe that being 40+ is actually better.  In 1985 Dave Jr drove a Pontiac Fiero, now he drives a 2014 Infiniti.  In 1985,  he would have laughed at the idea of buying life insurance and in 2016 he finds himself wondering if he has enough life insurance. In 1985 he drank Zima, in 2016, he’s drinking 15-year-old MaCallan’s scotch.  My how thing change!

Were you a Hudson Valley teen in the 1980’s?  Share your memories and photos with us, we’ll put on some Wham and dance with you!

HVA can help you keep 2 of your New Year’s resolutions

HVA save money in 2016

Since we all have New Year’s resolutions on our minds I thought I would blog about the one I’m having the toughest time with, saving money.  I’ll bet that saving money is one of your New Year’s resolutions too so it only seems natural that I share one of the easiest ways to do it.  Get your life, auto, home owners, and business insurance policies reevaluated by an independent insurance agent.  This is one very simple step that has the potential to save your family thousands of dollars a month and all you have to do is pick up your phone.  Seriously, it is that easy.

An independent insurance agency like Hudson Valley Agents, has the insurance knowledge and the access to many different insurance companies needed to find the perfect insurance coverage with an affordable monthly rate.  No need for you to shop online and cross your fingers that you are buying the right coverage for your insurance needs, we’ve got you covered.

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to shop locally more often?  Hudson Valley Agents can help with that as well!  Not only are we a small Hudson Valley business we also work with many New York state-based insurance companies.  Keeping your money in the Hudson Valley and New York state is just as important to us as it is to you.

So there you have it Hudson Valley, 2 great ways that Hudson Valley Agents can help you keep your New Year’s resolutions!  Looking to save even more money in 2016?  Liberty Tax shares office space with Hudson Valley Agents in our 731 Rt 211 East, Middletown NY office, call 673-4300 for an appointment today.  #shoplocal #insurelocal #hudsonvalleyagents #youbelongatliberty

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month!

HVA adopt a shelter dog

Hey Hudson Valley, did you know that October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month? October isn’t just about Halloween and Trick or Treating it’s also about adopting your new best friend. Shelter dogs make the best pets and you really need one (or two) to keep you warm during the harsh Hudson Valley winters.

Shelters are stretched to their limits during the colder months and finding good homes for the unfortunate dogs that they house is a top priority. Many of these abandoned dogs are already housebroken and know a few basic obedience commands such as “sit” or “stay”. The dogs (and cats) who reside in our local shelters need your help in order to survive and thrive and you can make a huge difference in their lives by adopting, volunteering, or donating your old blankets and towels.

Shelter dogs who find their forever homes are eternally grateful. They remember just how bad their lives were and they show their gratitude every day. Adopting a shelter dog isn’t just a good thing for the dog it’s good for you too! Adopting a shelter dog helps you live a long and happy life by increasing your exercise and lowering your blood pressure. A healthier you could mean lower health insurance and life insurance premiums too!

Is the fear of having your renters insurance or homeowners insurance canceled keeping you from adopting a shelter dog? Hudson Valley Agents can help with that! We work with many insurance companies who’s “bad dog list” is much shorter than other insurance companies.

There are many wonderful shelters in the Hudson Valley but there are three that really go above and beyond in order to find the best homes for their canine charges. The Dutchess County SPCA, the Ulster County SPCA, and the Hudson Valley SPCA. Visit them, make a donation, and adopt a shelter dog today!

Could Dracula get life insurance?

halloween life insurance

Two of the scariest words in the insurance world are – LIFE INSURANCE!!!

Dracula would not be able to get life insurance, the undead rarely can pass the health exam so many insurance companies require. Frankenstein would be out of luck as well, and if you happen to be a zombie there are some insurance companies that might require you to pay back that life insurance check your spouse received. Werewolves and ghosts face similar life insurance challenges but they don’t tend to complain about it as much as the others. They understand that life insurance is exclusively for the living.

Life insurance is a fitting topic to discuss in October isn’t it? Our fields have been plowed, the crops harvested, and the trees are getting ready to brave the winter cold. It is the time of year when we are faced with death and hibernation and the promise of another cold Hudson Valley winter. Life insurance comes into play after we are long gone and its purpose is to help prepare those left behind for their new life without someone they love. It’s a scary subject but one that can be made less scary if you look at it in a different way. Life insurance is not there to help you, it exists to help those you love continue with their lives without you and your income. Life insurance is the very last gift you can give to your family and it ensures that they will be able to carry on, financially at least, without you.

Once you are over your fright give the life insurance professionals at Hudson Valley Agents a call. Dave Jr will help you choose the plan that fits your family’s needs and budget. There is really no need to be afraid, call HVA today – 778-2141.