It’s Time To Talk About Life Insurance

Our boss and his wife had a close call the other morning. They were driving to our office in Walden, the average morning commute with the addition of occasional thunderstorms. Route 208 into New Paltz was wet, and there were puddles scattered across the asphalt. As they drove their Mini Cooper over Perrine’s Bridge, there was a 12 wheel truck coming towards them on their side of the road; they had nowhere to go except into the Wallkill River. At the very last possible second, the driver gained control and was able to swerve his vehicle into the proper lane.

This particular incident had the potential to be horrific, thankfully the reality is a much happier tale. This scare made David and Lisa realize it was a great thing they had life insurance, but it might be time to re-evaluate their life insurance needs, and it is time that you did as well.

We all know just how quickly life can change, and we know just how unprepared we all were for it. Life insurance is one way of preparing for your family’s future. Life insurance is the comfort of knowing that your family can go on without you. It is for them, not for you.

We work with some of the best life insurance companies around. Prudential, MetLife, William Penn, and TransAmerican, to name a few. No need to come to the office, we can get you started with a phone call.

*** A note from our President, David J Bonne ***

“Many life insurance policies are interest-sensitive, and since interest rates are at or near zero, most insurance carriers are taking a bath on the portion of your life insurance premium that gets invested in fixed-rate securities. Due to this, many companies will likely be looking to raise the rates for some life insurance policies going forward, for the first time since I can remember.”

Dave can be reached at 845-778-2141 or via

Life Insurance doesn’t have to be scary, and we can make it easy.

Welcome To Insurance That Actually Makes You Smile!

People often ask us what makes us different from other insurance agencies, and that is a question that can be difficult to answer.

You see, every insurance agency is the same, but they are also quite different. Captive agencies like State Farm or GEICO can only offer you the insurance products that they carry. These companies have one or two different types of car insurance coverage, and they have little to no wiggle room when it comes to cost and coverage.

An independent insurance agency can provide you with insurance choices from a variety of different insurance companies. If one company is not a perfect insurance fit for you, we’ll move on to another. We have the freedom to shop around, thus ensuring that you have the policy you need at an appropriate price.

We know that insurance can be confusing; it is a legally binding contract between yourself and the insurance company. Hudson Valley Agents is the broker who acts on your behalf, the agency who ensures that the insurance company holds up their end of the bargain. We stand for truth, justice, and the American… wait, um, sorry, that’s Superman.

In our small way, we really are superheroes. Our sole purpose is to ensure that our clients can rebuild their lives and businesses after a catastrophe. Break free from those captive insurance agencies and enjoy the freedom that comes with having an independent insurance agent. #insurelocal #HudsonValleyInsurance #insurancesuperhero

Plan for the financial future of your small business

Today we are talking about financial planning for your small business and the role that insurance should play in that plan.

If you own your own business, you already know how important it is to protect what you have worked so hard to build.  Insurance is asset protection and too many owners overlook these key policies:

  • Loss of business income coverage.  This enables you to cover payroll and pay your bills if your business is unable to operate as usual.
  • Employee benefits coverage.  Coverage and benefits that help you hire and retain employees.
  • Key Person Insurance.  Is there one person who is so key to your business that without them the entire business would crash and burn?  If you answered yes, then you need this coverage.
  • Life insurance.  This is a must for family-owned businesses. It can take the stress and financial strain off of grieving family members and ensures that the business can continue to function.
  • Cybersecurity.  Protect yourself and your clients from hackers and data breaches.

David, Philip, and Kathy are experts in ensuring that Hudson Valley small businesses have the tools they need to protect their livelyhood.

We are Hudson Valley Agents.  A full-service independent insurance agency that believes in keeping things local.

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4 Reasons people do not buy life insurance

No one wants to talk to a life insurance agent.  When a life insurance agent walks into a party, everyone pretends they aren’t there.  Seriously, it is that bad.  The very idea of purchasing life insurance strikes terror in the hearts of normally intelligent humans and we understand why, no one likes to think about dying.  The truth is, we aren’t a big fan of the topic either.

Life insurance is actually more about life than it is about death.  Yes, ensuring that funeral costs and medical bills aren’t a burden on your grieving family is a big part of the discussion, but it is not the only topic.  Planning for your children’s college education, paying off the mortgage, and managing credit card debt is also part of the conversation.  Having this difficult conversation now means that the long term financial goals you and your spouse set for your family remain a reality.

So let us address the image above and the reasons people are not buying life insurance:

1- Life insurance can be affordable at any age.

2- The terminology can be really confusing, that is the reason you need an insurance advocate, aka an independent insurance agent.

3 – We do the shopping for you.  We have access to many different insurance companies and will find the coverage to fit your needs and your budget.

4 – We don’t like thinking about death either, but we will if it helps our clients plan for their family’s future.

Dave Jr is our expert when it comes to life insurance and he’s a pretty easy guy to talk to so give him a call, 845-778-2141.  We are Hudson Valley Agents.

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3 Things you need to know about insurance and income taxes

It’s Tax Season and there are 3 things you should know about income taxes and insurance:

There is one man who can help with your income taxes and your insurance and he happens to be in our Middletown office, David Bonne Sr.   Dave Sr has decades of insurance experience and five years of income tax experience with Liberty Tax Service and he’s happy to put all of that knowledge to work for you.

Let our family help your family save time and money today!  #LibertyTax  #HudsonValleyAgents  #insurelocal  #taxseason  #deathandtaxes

Top 5 New Year’s resolutions in the Hudson Valley

There are only 4 more days left in 2016, and for that we are thankful!  2016 has been the year from hell for most of America and we find ourselves looking towards 2017 with hope and a little bit of nervous laughter.  2017 will be welcomed in with hearts filled with the hope that this will be the year we actually keep our New Year’s resolutions.

Making resolutions for the new year is something we have all done and 2017 will be no exception.  An impromptu poll of Hudson Valley residents (we asked our friends and family members) shows that these are the 5 most popular Hudson Valley New Year’s resolutions:

1- Lose 10 pounds

2- Save money

3- Live your best life

4- Shop locally more often

5- Become more organized

Hudson Valley Agents can help you keep 3 out of 5 of these resolutions!

  • Saving money on your insurance is easy, call, click, or stop by for a free quote on all of your insurance needs.  We work with many insurance companies that offer competitive rates and many of them are located on the east coast.
  • We love to shop local and we really love to insure local!  We work with several Hudson Valley-based insurance companies as well as companies based in New York state.  We also offer affordable insurance coverage for small businesses throughout the state.  You can always #insurelocal with us!
  • Organizing your insurance policies is easy with our free app for iPhone and Android users!  Finding your policies, making claims, making payments, even finding your car in a crowded parking lot just became a whole lot easier.

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Let’s talk about income taxes and life insurance


Dave Sr is the only person we know of who happens to be tougher than death or taxes.  His work with Prudential Life Insurance was, wait for it, legendary!  Just check this out –


Dave Sr is our health insurance, life insurance, and tax preparation expert and he’s here to put his decades of insurance and income tax knowledge to work for you right here at Hudson Valley Agents.

Meet the man who tames both death and taxes, stop by HVA/Liberty Tax in Middletown office today.


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Let’s talk about death and taxes


The majority of Americans are familiar with Ben Franklin’s quote about death and taxes, but the majority of Hudson Valley residents might not know that they can go to our Middletown office to purchase life insurance and get their taxes prepared or take a tax preparation class.  Liberty Tax and Hudson Valley Agents, where death went to meet taxes –


Dave Sr started out in the life insurance business with Prudential, and he is the proud owner/operator of a Liberty Tax franchise, thus making him the master of both death and taxes!  Have you ever wondered if the proceeds from a life insurance policy are considered taxable income?  Dave Sr knows the answer to that and many other tax and life insurance related questions!


Don’t do life without Liberty Tax –

Hudson Valley Agents and Liberty Tax, two ways to save your family time and money!  Dave Sr will be starting his Tax Preparation school soon, so if you are looking to earn some extra money this tax season, please give him a call at 845-673-4300.  To speak with Dave Sr about a free life insurance quote, please call 845-673-5515.  #libertytax  #insurelocal  #HudsonValleyAgents

Insurance and financial planning


Insurance and Financial Planning should go hand in hand, notice we said “should,” all too often people leave insurance out of their economic planning, and that can leave you dealing with unwanted financial stress.  October 3- 7 is National Financial Planning week, and we have some insurance related financial tips we would like to share with you.

  • Meet with your insurance agent at least once a year to go over your existing coverage.  Marriage, divorce, new baby, new car, renovations, these are all things that impact your insurance needs and if they are not addressed you can find yourself either overinsured (spending more $$ than necessary on insurance) or underinsured (not having enough $$ to repair or replace damaged home/car/big ticket items).
  • Insuring your home for the real estate value and not the cost of rebuilding.  Real estate prices go up and down, as do building costs.  If you insure for real estate value and the market is down you might not have enough money to repair or rebuild your home should disaster strike.
  • Your family’s continued financial security is important; it is imperative that you and your spouse have life insurance policies!  Choosing the right type of policy is important and something that should be discussed with your insurance agent.

Planning for your family’s financial future is easy when you insure with Hudson Valley Agents.  Our insurance professionals are always here to provide you with excellent insurance coverage, reasonable insurance rates, outstanding customer service, a free app for Android and iPhone, and an easy to navigate website.  #financialplanning  #insurelocal