The 100 Deadly Days Of Summer

Remember when you graduated from high school? That first summer between high school and college is one that most of us will never forget. You probably took your very first road trip with friends right about now (and you more than likely did it without the aid of a navigation system or cell phone!), and that was your first taste of the freedom of the road. It tasted good, didn’t it? Now your teenagers want to do the same thing.

That thought stopped you in your tracks, didn’t it?

The start of summer begins the 100 Deadliest Days for teen drivers in the Hudson Valley.
Let’s look at some of the reasons why-

1- states that traffic fatalities are the leading cause of death for 16 – 17-year-olds in New York state. Lack of driving experience is a large part of the problem.
2- Having other teens in the car increases the chances of an accident. Passengers are just as distracting as cell phones.
3- Distracted driving is not limited to cell phones. Changing the radio station, sipping coffee, smacking your friend who’s sitting in the backseat, all of these things force novice drivers to take their minds and eyes off of the road.
4- Night driving takes a lot of practice. Do you remember the first time that oncoming headlights blinded you? Not a fun experience.
5- Many teens begin to experiment with alcohol right around the same time as they are experiencing the freedom of being solo behind the wheel. Drunk driving fatalities increase during the summer for that very reason.

We know how scary it is to have your teen behind the wheel, we’ve been there, and we have some tips that can help.
1- Talk to your teen about the The Courage To Intervene pledge. It takes courage to stop a friend or family member from getting into a car with an impaired driver, or driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
2- Practice good driving habits. Stay off of the phone when behind the wheel and tone down your road rage. If you do it, they will too.
3- Encourage them to put their phone in airplane mode whenever they are behind the wheel. #itcanwait
4- Consider enrolling them in drivers ed over the summer. It never hurts to learn safety skills before you take your first road trip.
5- Enroll in the NYS DMV TEENS program. TEENS is a program that notifies you whenever your teen has a traffic infraction, ticket, or license suspension placed on their DMV record. Click here to enroll in this free program.

Drive safe Hudson Valley.

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Progressive Insurance Through an Independent Agent? Who knew?

Hudson Valley Agents works with many insurance companies, and if we told you their names, you would not recognize any of them from their television ads. However, if we mentioned Progressive you would immediately think of Flo, wouldn’t you?

Progressive is known for their advertising, their low rates, and fast claim settlements. Not everyone knows that Progressive also works with just a few handpicked independent insurance agencies, and we are lucky enough to be one of them!

There are some differences, but not ones that you might notice right off the bat, and they are all positive! You now have all of the benefits of Progressive, with the bonus of an actual human agent who is your advocate should you ever have a problem, and here is the real shocker – sometimes, just sometimes, the rates for car insurance are, at times, lower than what you would find online. The discounts are identical, ditto the fast service, and the same internet access, but with local humans who answer the phone and handle anything you can throw at them.

Here’s the best part of all of this, if you find that you are not happy with Progressive, we will find you another insurance company whose rates and coverage works for you. That is the beauty of working with an independent insurance agent! Insurance is confusing, but you don’t have to go it alone, we’re here to help.

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Is Your Fishing Pole Covered By Your Boat Insurance?

Are you getting your boat ready for the season this weekend? You’re not the only one!

We wanted to answer some of the questions that most people have about what their boat insurance covers. Some of these answers might be a bit shocking!

1- Your fishing pole and any other equipment that you bring onto your boat, is covered by your homeowners’ policy. Remember that your homeowners’ insurance coverage has limits to what it covers as well. Talk to your independent insurance agent about this before you put your new fish finder on the boat.
2- The average boat insurance policy does not cover towing. If you have ever had your ship break down in the middle of the Hudson River, then you know just how expensive it is to have a boat towed, do not count on your policy to cover this unless you purchased the additional coverage.
3- Additional coverage for a little something called “Hurricane haul-out provisions” is available with some companies. This added coverage will take care of expenses incurred when scrambling to get your boat out of the water during a hurricane.
4- Many insurance companies will offer discounts for things like ship to shore radios, and Coast Gaurd approved fire extinguishers.
5- You can bundle your boat, auto, and homeowners insurance for an even more substantial discount!

Hudson Valley Agents is here to help with all of your insurance needs. We work with big-name insurance companies like Progressive and Liberty Mutual, as well as local companies like Kingstone (located right in Kingston NY!). Find out what an independent insurance agent can do for you, call, click, or stop by. We’re here to help. #insurelocal #HudsonValleyInsurance #boatinsurance

Renting A Car On Your Vacation? Read This First.

When you plan for a vacation, there is a lot to think about, where to go, what to see, how to get there, and what to do once you arrive. Exotic locals or short day trips, no matter where you go, you need a way to get there, and that is where insurance comes in.

Flying – Travel Insurance. There are different types of Travel Insurance, and you probably do not need most of it. A brief phone call or email to your insurance agent can tell you if your lost baggage is covered by your homeowners or renters insurance policies. Most high-end electronics are not covered by the average insurance policy, talk to your agent about a low-cost umbrella policy to fill in any coverage gaps.

Driving (your car) – Contact your agent for any questions you may have about towing, glass replacement, and any phone numbers you might need if you have an accident. If you are driving your car out of the country, you should know that your insurance coverage will follow you to Canada but not to Mexico.

Driving (rental car) – Everyone wants to know if they should or shouldn’t buy the insurance coverage that the rental agent attempts to bully you into purchasing. The truth is this, talk to your insurance agent AND your credit card company before you pick up your rental car. Find out what coverages carry over from your own car insurance so that you do not duplicate it. Many car rental companies charge hefty fees for minor damage, and the insurance coverage that you purchase from them might cover those fees when your regular insurance coverage does not.

Don’t let the sting of an accident or lost baggage ruin your family fun, a quick call or email to your insurance agent can make your entire trip so much more enjoyable.

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Real Life Advice For Hudson Valley Graduates

High school and college graduation season is upon us. We know that this might not be the last stop on the degree train and that some of you will be diving right into the 9 to 5 life. No matter what you do or where you go, take this real-world advice with you –

  • A firm handshake, eye contact, and a pleasant smile can swing a job interview in your favor.
  • If you don’t know something, ask. Seriously. No one expects everyone to know everything. Ask the question, learn from the answer.
  • You will find friends in the unlikeliest of places, and some of your most cherished friendships will fade over time. This is just the manner of friendships and no reflection on you.
  • Find a way to put money into a savings account, any amount of money. Find a bank that lets you put all of your change into a counting machine and then deposits it into your savings account. Put all of your $1’s into an envelope at the end of the day and then deposit the contents in your savings once a month. Think of this as paying your future self, and don’t you want to treat your future self?
  • Do not skimp on insurance. Insurance is there to get you back on your feet after a catastrophe, skimping on it leaves you with a very flimsy safety net. Talk to an independent insurance agent who can find you the coverage you need at a cost that you can afford.
  • At one time in the near future, you will catch yourself repeating something that your parents always said. Do not be alarmed; take it as proof that you are finally an adult.

We wish all of our Hudson Valley graduates the very best that life has to offer! Congratulations and may you travel the road ahead fully insured!

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A Tale Of Two Insurance Quotes

Once upon a time, in the great land of Hudson Valley, a young man found himself in need of car insurance. Where oh where should he go to find the best coverage at a reasonable rate?

The young man frantically pulled out his phone and typed the words “Car Insurance In The Hudson Valley” into a search engine, desperate to choose the right one but unsure which link to click on, what to do?

The first few links were all names that he recognized, State Farm, Allstate, and that little lizard-like creature. Next to these names was a small box that said “Ad.” “Those companies have paid to be seen first.”, He thought to himself, “Best to scroll down a bit to see what else there is.”. With just one flick of his finger, he found himself on a name that he recognized but had never thought to try, Hudson Valley Agents.

“Just look at all of those positive reviews!”, He thought to himself as he quickly scanned the web preview, “Could this be the one? How will I know?”. The young man was so uncertain that he decided to ask for quotes from two different companies, just to find out which one was the most affordable.

The young man clicked on the link for Esurance, and within minutes had a super affordable rate, but no idea what his policy really covered. There were a lot of words like “Aggregate No-Fault Benefits” and “Supplemental Uninsured/Under-Insured Motorists,” what language was this? Was this the insurance coverage he needed, or was he going to be paying for coverage that he did not actually need?

The young man then clicked on the link for Hudson Valley Agents. He filled out an online application, and within seconds his phone rang! The woman on the phone walked him through what coverages he needed, and what he did not. “Why pay for coverage you don’t need?’ the woman on the phone said. “We work hard to ensure that all of our clients have the best insurance coverage with the lowest rates possible, and we work fast!”, Said the woman on the phone. In less than 10 minutes the young man had his insurance policy and his ID cards emailed to him, and he was on his way!

The young man took his young lady to dinner that night and told her all about how easy it was to insure his car with Hudson Valley Agents. He pulled out his phone and showed her how simple it would be for her to do the same. She was so happy that she accepted his marriage proposal and they lived happily ever after.

Happy National Tell A Story Day Hudson Valley!

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Insuring Hudson Valley Paving Contractors

Owning a paving company brings a wide variety of day-to-day challenges. A number of these challenges may perhaps be your responsibility to manage as they occur, whether you are at fault for what happens or not. Being a contracting company owner, you find yourself being the go-to person whenever problems need resolution. Numerous things can occur such as equipment breakdown, injuries to employees or bystanders, accidents, or even advertising or slander claims. An insurance policy that is tailored to protect your business is needed in these situations.

With regards to business insurance for pavers, black toppers, and asphalt maintenance operations such as seal coating or striping, customization is crucial. Concerning the size of your firm, where you operate, as well as the kinds of jobs you concentrate on, your challenges and business protection (insurance) needs can vary. With that said, you will have to understand that not all insurance providers can handle the insurance requirements of contractors that do paving or asphalt maintenance work. This is because not all insurance agents understand the unique needs of startups and small businesses, not to mention the different insurance needs of a paving or asphalt maintenance business.

Paving contractors just like you need to manage several things at a time. There is the company brand to preserve, advertising, marketing, and sales needs, workers to satisfy, vehicles and equipment to maintain and profits to be made. Regardless of how fantastic you are at looking after so much simultaneously, there isn’t any guarantee that you could manage every single thing that occurs. Paving contractor insurance coverage is the perfect solution for all those major and minor situations that can arise unexpectedly which may otherwise obliterate your organization instantly.

Paving liability insurance manages many of the possible unfortunate incidents that you cannot anticipate in order to avoid beforehand, such as the before mentioned injuries to a bystander, or a slander claim against you or your company. It also covers damages to property of others. However, a paving contractor business owner’s insurance policy provides you with a bundled level of business protection which may be designed to fulfill your specific needs. A business owner’s policy provides you with the equal amount of benefits and security that the general liability policy will; additionally it gives an additional amount of protection tailored for your company’s physical property and assets. The real property section of this insurance policy is designed for those occasions which you see yourself dealing with equipment breakdowns, employee dishonesty, and loss of vital computer files or building damages from a storm or other covered peril.

Paving contractor workers compensation insurance coverage is crucial insurance coverage for the organization from the moment you employ your first worker. Regardless of whether you have a secretary that schedules projects for you, or you currently have several road crews in various places all of the time, workers compensation insurance is compulsory in NY. Whenever mishaps occur to the workers, or if the employees get ill as a result of their work environment, this particular coverage will pay for an array of expenses that often surge rapidly. From medical treatment to prolonged hospital stays or perhaps disability, workers compensation will be the insurance coverage you require.

Commercial auto insurance for paving contractors is also essential risk insurance coverage that your organization requires, especially if you have several road crews driving vehicles from one job site to a different one. Even reliable drivers could find themselves in an accident if they drive routinely, and the costs associated with recovering from that may be significant. Safeguard your business from incidents a result of uninsured motorists, make sure your crew’s medical expenses are going to be paid in the event that they’re injured in a collision and make sure your company’s equipment and tools will be restored or even replaced without your company acquiring a massive financial hit. Remember, not every insurance company can insure heavy dump trucks; therefore it is imperative that you deal with an agency that is knowledgeable about this sort of risk.

Other coverage’s that may be needed in a paving operation or bonds, and excess liability or umbrella coverage to satisfy municipalities or utilities.

If you are a new or start-up contractor check out the National Asphalt Pavement Association for some significant data.

For a free quote, or just some more information, contact David at Hudson Valley Agents today!

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Restaurant Insurance for the Hudson Valley

Our own Philip Bender-Tymon at Pakt, Kingston NY

Restaurant insurance: We’ve got your back – and front (of the house)

Living in the Hudson Valley Region, we are blessed to be right in the heart of one of the most abundant “good food” movements in the country. As a result, our region is packed with a fantastic number and variety of restaurants.

To compete and stand out in this densely populated field, you’ve got to get everything just right. And that includes your insurance coverage.

That’s where we come in. We know how complex it can be and we’re here to help you understand and manage it. Here are some of the basics.

Front of house:

General Liability – Slips and falls are the most common restaurant insurance claim. Someone getting sick from the food – not so much – but general liability coverage protects you whatever the cause of harm to a patron or staff member.

Liquor Liability – In addition to the proactive training and certification of servers and bartenders, liquor liability helps protect you with defense costs should a patron come to harm from being over-served.

Property Insurance – If you own the building that houses your restaurant, property insurance covers fire, vandalism, and many other damages to the building. Flood and earthquake coverage are generally not included and are available as additional endorsements. Property insurance also covers your business personal property – pantry stock, furniture, furnishings, ranges, fryers, ovens, and computers and point of sale systems.

Back of House:

Workers Compensation – While it’s a financial headache for most business owners, workers compensation (comp) is an essential part of your insurance toolkit. Appropriate comp coverage protects your workers (and sometimes the owners) from losing a source of income due to a job-related accident or illness.
Disability and Paid Family Leave – In New York, employers are required by law to provide disability coverage to help employees who are injured or become ill and are unable to work due to an event outside of the workplace. Paid Family Leave provides a capped income for an employee who is caring for a newborn or other family members in need of extensive personal care.
Loss of Income and Extra Expense – If you are unable to conduct business due to a significant event like a fire or a prolonged power outage, this insurance helps provide income to replace your lost revenue. Extra expense covers “other than normal” operating costs that might be incurred because of the loss.
Cyber Liability – If you take credit cards, you need this. Most cyber ‘hacks’ take place between your credit card terminal and the provider’s firewall. Most providers only cover losses that take place behind that firewall, leaving you responsible for the rest. Cyber liability provides training tools and education to secure and prevent data loss and helps defray legal and client remediation costs if an event occurs.
Food Spoilage, Equipment Breakdown, and Offsite Utilities – Things break down. Sometimes it’s your thing, like a cooler (breakdown). Other times, it’s a utility company thing – like a transformer that explodes down the street (offsite). Either way, this trinity of coverages is essential in case of a food spoilage event and/or equipment breakdown, no matter where the fault lies.
There are other insurance considerations, depending on the nature of your business – commercial auto, signage, and additional locations, among others.

But your best bet to find your ideal personalized restaurant insurance solution is to contact your independent insurance agent.

We’ve got you covered – front and back.

Coming soon to an email or mailbox near you!

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Insuring Life In The 845

If you live in the Hudson Valley and happen to be on any social media platforms, you have probably seen the hashtag #lifeinthe845. Life in the 845 is a life lived smack dab in the heart of the Hudson Valley, and that’s where we, Hudson Valley Agents, live, work, and play.
Hudson Valley living is not for the faint of heart, and this is one of the few places on earth where you can experience all four seasons just driving through Ulster County! Ensuring that people driving in Kingston, Saugerties, or Woodstock have car insurance with a local insurance company with competitive rates is essential to our clients, and it is important to us.
First-time homeowners in Hyde Park and Poughkeepsie love that we offer homeowners insurance that includes coverage for your appliances (thank you Preferred Mutual, an NYS based company), with the bonus of discounts for bundling home and auto coverage.
Restaurants rave about our farm to table insurance coverage that truly covers your farm and your table, and has the bonus of several New York State-based insurance companies that have incredible coverage for Dutchess County restaurants.
Life in the 845 is a life lived locally. We have the best food, the best music, the best views, and the best insurance in all of New York.

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Celebrating National Spouses Day Insurance Style

Happy National Spouses Day!

Happy National Spouses Day Hudson Valley! Today is the day we take a moment to take the time to really appreciate just how precious our husband or wife truly is to us.

Yes, Valentines Day is just around the corner, but boxes of chocolate, overpriced flowers, and dinner in a packed restaurant isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. National Spouses Day is about doing the little things that strengthen the bonds of your relationship, ensuring asset protection, and making, and carrying out, your mutual plans for the future. One of those plans should be calling Hudson Valley Agents to talk about life insurance.

Yes, we know that life insurance is not a popular topic of conversation, but it is an essential part of ensuring that your spouse can financially continue on should you pass away.

You see, life insurance is not for you, it is for your spouse, it is for your children and your children’s children. The right life insurance policy will ensure that the family home remains in the family. That funeral costs, hospital costs, and doctor’s bills can be paid in a timely fashion that your son or daughter can continue with their college education. The right coverage ensures that your family will continue to survive and thrive.

Take some time to talk to your spouse this weekend about the need for life insurance coverage. It might not be the most comfortable conversation you two have ever had, but it is probably one of the most important. We understand and are here to make everything as quick, painless, and affordable as possible. All you have to do is pick up the phone, 845-778-2141. David Bonne handles all of our life insurance policies in our Walden office, companies like Met Life, William Penn, and American National. He is available Monday thru Friday.

Happy Spouses Day Hudson Valley! Give your significant other a big hug from us. #nationalspousesday #lifeinsurance #insurelocal #HudsonValleyInsurance #HudsonValley #waldenny