So your insurance agent is a Jets fan…

HVA Jets green

The first games of the NFL preseason are played today and we cannot wait!  You might not know this but we are NY Jets fans and it isn’t easy.  Luckily we have a lot of Hudson Valley residents to keep us company.  New York state has THREE NFL teams – NY Jets, NY Giants, and the Buffalo Bills, and while we will always root for Buffalo (when the Jets aren’t playing), we can’t seem to bring ourselves to cheer for the Giants.  Some of us are Jets fans because our families were fans, looking at you Dave Sr and Dave Jr, some of us are Jets fans because our significant other is a fan, and others just joined in because that was the only team they knew.

HVA football is back IMG_20160811_110126

Dave Jr, a Jets fan, shares his home with his fiancée (a New Orleans Saints fan) and her daughter (a Giants fan) and football is a very big deal for them.  The rivalry between Giants fans and Jets fans is legendary (if Wikipedia is to be believed) so you can imagine how it can be living with a Jet fan and a Giant fan under the same roof.  This made us wonder how/why people choose to follow one team or another?  We thought we would use social media as a way to figure out just how this happens.  So, share your favorite team and how it became your favorite team with us!  We don’t care if you are a Giants fan or a Dolphins fan (we might care if you are a Patriots fan but that’s for another blog) we just want to know which team you love and why!  #jetsfanforlife  #insurelocal

Do you play Pokemon Go?

pokemon go

Lately, we have noticed quite a few people walking into cars, curbs, traffic, and walls.  At first, we thought this was a massive case of texting while walking but our guess was way, way off base.  It seems that Pokemon Go fever has hit Walden, and this could be a good thing for the small business owners in the area.  We say “could be” because, while increased foot traffic is a wonderful thing, increased distracted people who only stop in to catch a Pokemon is not.  There are store owners who are taking this Pokemon Go phenomenon and making it work to their advantage, these are the business owners that have downloaded the game to their phones and clicked the “Lure Module” and then sat back and watched their sales increase.  Of course, many of these savvy business owners have also posted signs that say “Pokemon are for paying customers only” and that could be a deal breaker for the broke Pokemon Go player.

Small business owners aren’t the only one’s who are seeing an increase in their business, many police departments have found that Pokemon Go has led to an increase in trespassing complaints, car accidents (do not play this game while driving), and one unlucky player even found a corpse.

Pokemon Go has done something that no other video game has ever done before; it took the players off the couch and out into the real world, and that is an amazing thing.  We doubt that Nintendo (makers of Pokemon Go) had any idea that this game would lead to hoards of zombie-like people wandering into traffic to capture a Snorlax or Pikachu, but it has and now this is now our new reality.

Play on Hudson Valley and don’t forget to look up occasionally.

Is Wedding Insurance worth it?


Lately, there has been a lot of talk about weddings in our Walden office.  Ashley is engaged and so is Dave Jr, so all of this wedding talk comes as no surprise.  What is surprising is the fact that many Hudson Valley couples do not factor wedding insurance into their wedding budget!

The Hudson Valley has become an actual wedding destination paradise, and that doesn’t surprise us one bit.  The views, the farm to table food choices, the locally distilled spirits and craft beers give every wedding a sense of community and individuality (something that could never be pulled off anywhere else in the country), and that keeps couples coming back to visit year after year.  The weather in the Hudson Valley can be a bit unpredictable, remember that Nor’Easter in October 2011?  The ever-present possibility of another October Nor’Easter is a pretty good reason to invest in wedding insurance.

Wedding insurance generally covers 3 of the major reasons a wedding is canceled or postponed

  • Wedding cancellation due to death or illness
  • Wedding cancellation due to Military Service
  • Wedding cancellation due to inclement weather or natural disaster

The average cost of wedding insurance premium is incredibly reasonable, and the peace of mind it brings is priceless.  Dave Jr can help you with all of your wedding insurance needs, and he can explain how your wedding could change your auto, renters, and homeowners insurance needs, 845-778-2141.  #insurelocal  #hudsonvalleyagents

3 things you need to know about consumer fireworks

3 things fireworks

There are pop-up fireworks shops all over the Hudson Valley and everyone is making their July 4th plans.  There are 3 things you need to know before you purchase fireworks for your celebration –

1- Not every county in New York has the same allowances for fireworks.  Check with your county clerk before you buy anything.  Columbia and Delaware counties still do not allow the sale of fireworks.

2- Bottle rockets and firecrackers are NOT legal in NYS.

3- Sparklers must have wooden sticks, metal sticks are still not allowed.

Do your homework before you shop for consumer fireworks and remember to put safety first!

If you have questions about how fireworks could impact your car or homeowners insurance please contact us at 778-2141.  Be safe Hudson Valley & remember to #insurelocal with Hudson Valley Agents.

We took a cruise on the Hudson river and so should you


It was a phenomenal weekend for boating on the Hudson river wasn’t it?  The Bonne family took a ride on the Rip Van Winkle (Hudson River Cruises) and had a blast!

Did you know that there’s an old barge graveyard in Kingston?


The Rondout Lighthouse


Just look at this view!



Taking a boat ride on the Hudson River is something that every Hudson Valley resident should experience at least once in their lifetime.  Just be prepared to be bitten by the boating bug because once you see the Hudson Valley from a boat, you’ll find yourself pondering a purchase or two, just ask Dave Jr!

Dave Sr and Dave Jr do not own any sailboats, power boats, or fishing boats yet (yet being the operative term), but they certainly know how to write insurance for them!  The Dave’s have been insuring the Hudson Valley’s boats and personal watercrafts for 25 years, and their rates are the best in the business.  Call Hudson Valley Agents (845-778-2141) today and they’ll find you the best boat insurance coverage on the Hudson River!  #insurelocal

Oh, and should you happen to call our Middletown office (845-673-5515) to speak to Dave Sr, please mention that included in this blog post is the photo he saw while on the Rip Van Winkle that he suggested we use in today’s blog post-

why a ship is called a she

Good News for Hudson Valley Filmmakers!

HVA movie board

Movies are being made all over the Hudson Valley, and Hudson Valley Agents wants to be a part of the magic!  We recently began working with PHLY, an insurance company that offers some of the best insurance coverage for filmmakers that we have ever seen.  How fortuitous that the very day we begin working with PHLY  our SMM stumbled upon a movie being made in Kingston when she went out for lunch today.


fair st movie 1

fair st movie 2

This unknown film production is not the only movie production that will be filming in the Hudson Valley/Kingston area.  Stella May Productions has been working on “They All Drank the Water” and Newburgh has become a film production paradise recently!  It seems that the film world has recently fallen in love with the Hudson Valley, and we couldn’t be happier!

So if you are making a film in New York state or you know someone who is, please call Dave Jr at Hudson Valley Agents today.  Insuring all aspects of filmmaking in the Hudson Valley just became a whole lot easier!  #insurelocal


How do I insure my classic car?


Restoring and driving classic and antique cars is a very rewarding and expensive pastime, and it is pretty darn popular in the Hudson Valley.

When you insure a classic or antique car there are several things you need to keep in mind:

1- Classic or Antique car insurance can limit how often or how far you drive your car.  This is not a problem for most people because they only take these fantastic old cars out for car shows, pleasure drives, and classic car meetings.  Discuss your mileage needs with your independent insurance agent.

2- If your car is not entirely restored some companies will not insure you.  Speak to your independent insurance agent about the state of your car.

3- Different insurance companies have different definitions of what makes a car a classic or an antique.  Have your independent insurance agent find an insurance company that fits your car and your budget.

There are many other things to consider when insuring your classic or antique car so contacting the insurance experts at Hudson Valley Agents is a must.   Call HVA for a free quote today and remember to #insurelocal!

5 ways to #insurelocal with HVA

HVA insuring the hv

Hudson Valley Agents has adopted the #insurelocal hashtag for a very good reason, we have 5, yes 5, New York state-based insurance companies that we work with and that is a pretty big deal.

When you insure with a regionally based insurance company your rates are regionally based.  For example, if your homeowners insurance is with Allstate or State Farm then you might have noticed an increase in your premiums after the California wild fires destroyed so many homes.  This happens when your insurance company covers everything everywhere.  A locally based insurance company’s rates reflect the risks and losses of their region and not the rest of the country.

If you would like to #insurelocal then give us a call, we work with these local companies –

Keep your money where you live, shop locally, eat locally, play locally, and insure locally with Hudson Valley Agents!


4 Tips for saving money in the Hudson Valley


Some say that money that money can’t buy happiness, but the stress we feel when we have no money would beg to differ.  According to a recent JAMA study, more money = longer life!  That’s right boys & girls, money is the secret to a longer life span.  Since most of us still clip coupons and shop around for the best prices on clothing and electronics we thought a blog post about money-saving tips was in order.

1- USE YOUR SMART PHONE!  Groupon and RetailMeNot are great ways to find deals and compare prices.  Many stores also have their own apps that have store coupons.

2- GO OUT FOR LUNCH!  Many restaurants serve the same menu items for lunch as well as dinner, the lunchtime portions are a bit smaller and cost a whole lost less.

3- GET OUTSIDE!  A picnic at Vanderbilt mansion or a tour of any of the Hudson Valley’s historic sites or parks is a fun, family activity and won’t break the bank.

4-CALL YOUR INSURANCE AGENT!  Many of us are already paying way too much for car insurance and homeowners insurance so going over your current insurance policies with an independent insurance agent can save you hundreds of dollars.  Add to that the many discounts you might be elidgable for and watch your savings account soar.

We all wish we had more time and more money and the only place where you are garunteed to save both is Hudson Valley Agents.  Call 77-2141 or visit one of our convient locations:  99 West Main St, Walden, or Rt 211 East Middletown.  #insurelocal  #hudsonvalleyagents

Did you know that HVA insures festivals?


Those of you who regularly read our blog know that we are HUGE Mountain Jam fans!  For four days, rain or shine, you will find Dave Jr, and friends sitting on Hunter mountain grooving to some tunes.  This event is one we never miss and we always find HVA fans while we’re there.


Insuring an event of this magnitude is daunting but it can be done and it can be done affordably. When you insure a festival these are a few of the things you need to take into account:

  • Event cancellation coverage (rain or performer cancellation)
  • Fireworks liability (if you plan on having fireworks)
  • Vendor coverage
  • Event planner coverage
  • Liquor liability coverage (if serving adult beverages)
  • Property coverage
  • Performer liability
  • Venue Liability
  • Security personal/Assault and battery liability
  • Bonding (usually for municipalities)
  • Liability coverage for the land owner

IMAG0201_edited  (Yes, we can insure this gentleman’s ruby slippers)

Gathering up information and quotes on all of these different types of coverage might seem like a daunting task but the festival insurance experts at Hudson Valley Agents can do it and they do it well!


As a matter of fact, we can insure all kinds of festivals, concerts, street fairs, sporting events, and seasonal events like hay rides or winter carnivals.  If you need to insure an event or festival  we’ve got you covered!


Are you a vendor who travels to the many festivals happening all across the Hudson Valley?  We can take care of your insurance needs too.  Just call 778-2141 and ask for Dave Jr, just  don’t expect to get in touch with him during Mountain Jam, he’ll be on the mountain.  #insurelocal  #festivalinsurance #mountainjam