Important insurance info for band parents!

Today’s blog comes to you from our office band geek, Philip Bender-Tymon (pictured above).

Blow that horn, baby (but insure it first)!

I had the good fortune to grow up in a musically talented family. I also attended a great Midwestern high school that had a fantastic music program where I played various instruments in concert band, swing band, orchestra, and marching band.

Playing music as part of a group taught me many lessons about teamwork, discipline, and respect. And not just respect for my fellow musicians – but for the instruments.

I also learned – the hard way – that those instruments can be extremely expensive to repair or replace. My parents once wrote a pretty hefty check to repair a crumpled tuba bell following a marching band misadventure.


Today, it can cost $400-500 just to repair a school-grade brass instrument – double or triple that for professional quality brass horns. And when it comes to stringed instruments – violins, cellos, etc. – it can cost thousands of dollars to replace one.

That’s why it can pay to have insurance for them, especially if that’s how you make your living. Transporting and shipping your beloved instrument multiplies the risk.

Basic musical instrument insurance or endorsements can cost as little as $150 a year (without shipping coverage). A small price to pay for peace of mind.

Contact Hudson Valley Agents to find out more.  (845)-778-2141

And play on!!

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Insurance, betting, and the Super Bowl

Insuring the Super Bowl is a big deal, a really, really big deal.  The 2016 Super Bowl (Broncos/Panthers) had to insure an estimated $100 MILLION dollars worth of assets and their premiums totaled close to $25 MILLION.  When you consider all of the things that need insuring that $100 million starts to look like a bargain.  VIPS, equipment (recording/electronics), the vendors, the employees, the teams themselves….  it’s exhausting to think about.

Insurance plays another role when it comes to the Super Bowl, and that role comes in the form of a policy known as a “hole in one”.   Think back to Super Bowl 47 (Ravens/49ers), a young man named Jacoby Jones ran 109 yards off a kick return and made a touchdown.  That particular touchdown was problematic for one furniture store in Baltimore.  It seems that they made a bet with their customers, a bet that said if any player, at the start of the game or after half-time, had a kick return that resulted in a touchdown, they would give away $60,000 worth of furniture.  Mr. Jones did just that and the furniture store did indeed make good on the bet, they were quite happy to actually.  You see, that $60,000 did not come out of their pocket, it came out of the pocket of the insurance company that insured the bet.

“Hole in one” coverage was created for special events and is usually used to raise funds for a charity.  A golf tournament where everyone donates to a particular charity and whomever actually sinks a hole in one wins the pot.  No one usually wins those things, sinking a hole in one is difficult for any golf pro and even harder for an amateur.  The companies that write this type of insurance are hedging their bets that no one will be able to make that shot, so they are relatively sure that they won’t have to pay out.

Insurance probably does not play any part in the bet made by the mayors of Philadelphia and Brockton have made.  If the Eagles win, and Eagle jersey will be placed on the Rocky Marciano statue in Massachusettes.  If the Patriots win, a Patriot jersey will be placed on the Rocky (the movie) statue.

Enjoy Sunday’s game Hudson Valley, and may the best team win! Remember, without insurance, there would be no Super Bowl.   If you ever find yourself in the market for “Hole in one” insurance, give us a call.  Oh, hey NFL, if you guys ever need a hand insuring the Super Bowl, we would be happy to give it a try!

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Even artists need insurance

“Art is literacy of the heart”- Elliot Eisner

Today’s blog post was written by Philip Bender-Tymon

Where Creative and Covered Meet
Creative individuals, artists, and freelancers are noticing a new trend in their business dealings with clients.  Many who work with corporate clients, or at institutions or spaces where work is either created or installed on-site, are now being asked to carry general liability insurance.
In today’s lawsuit-prone society, it makes smart business sense for formerly free-spirits to carry at least a basic liability insurance policy.
Say you are a sculptor and your installation at a gallery falls over, seriously injuring a patron. If that patron sues and you have a policy in place, the insurance company takes over the lawsuit, hires the lawyers and conducts proceedings and settlements (if any) on your behalf.
Situations like that are exactly what’s driving requests by gallery owners, government agencies and corporations to request what is called a Certificate of Insurance – or COI – as a proof of insurance coverage.
And fortunately, it’s not expensive.
A variety of options are available for covering anything from a one-day event for as little as $40 to a 12-month policy that might only cost a couple hundred dollars.
Talk to your independent insurance agent about what coverages are available to protect you.
You’ll sleep better – and so will your clients!
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Meet our staff – Kathy Livingston

Every office should be lucky enough to have someone like Kathy Livingston.  Kathy has been with Hudson Valley Agents since they opened their doors in 1990 and we hope she stays until at least 3220!

This isn’t Kathy’s first bio-blog (& it won’t be her last either!), so this time we had to give her questions that she was not expecting:

1- How long have you lived in the Hudson Valley?  40 years

2- What is your favorite place to visit in the Hudson Valley?  The Christmas Tree Shop & Mt Alvernia

3- How long have you been in the insurance biz? 26 years

4- What’s your favorite song?  It’s a hymn “Go make a difference”

5- What’s your favorite movie?  Romeo and Juliette

6 – If someone made a movie of your life who would play you? Sally Field

7- What is the best part of your day at HVA? When people thank us for saving them money and taking good care of them

Kathy is our office manager, and single-handedly runs our commercial lines.  Stop by our Walden office and say Hi one day, find out why we are the Hudson Valley’s best independent insurance agency!

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Welcome to the HVA family, Philip Bender-Tymon

Please join us in welcoming Philip Bender-Tymon to the HVA family!  Philip is an Ulster county resident with firm ties to his community, he is currently the Director of Communications for the Kingston Uptown Business Association and his husband is a local business owner.  Philip has an extensive background in communications and problem solving, and is looking forward to putting those skills to work for our clients.

We were worried that Philip might find the world of an independent insurance agency a little slow compared to his previous life in corporate America, but he assures us that this is not the case,”I’m having a way better time meeting one-on-one with current and future clients and helping them to protect the things they love and treasure.  Not having to set my alarm to 4 a.m. for a conference call to China is a huge bonus.”.

You can contact Philip at our Walden office, 845-778-2141 or via email  Remember  to eat locally, shop locally, play locally, and insure locally with Hudson Valley Agents!

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Super Bowl parties and your homeowners insurance


Super Bowl 51 is this weekend!!!  Our team won’t be playing (we’re Jets fans), but you can bet that we’ll be watching!  Super Bowl parties are always fun but if you aren’t careful they can end with a phone call to your insurance agent!  This short video from the Insurance Information Institute explains everything.

Make sure your guests have a safe Super Bowl experience this year. Provide plenty of food, and non-alcoholic beverages, and crying towels for fans of the losing team.   Go Atlanta!

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Top 5 New Year’s resolutions in the Hudson Valley

There are only 4 more days left in 2016, and for that we are thankful!  2016 has been the year from hell for most of America and we find ourselves looking towards 2017 with hope and a little bit of nervous laughter.  2017 will be welcomed in with hearts filled with the hope that this will be the year we actually keep our New Year’s resolutions.

Making resolutions for the new year is something we have all done and 2017 will be no exception.  An impromptu poll of Hudson Valley residents (we asked our friends and family members) shows that these are the 5 most popular Hudson Valley New Year’s resolutions:

1- Lose 10 pounds

2- Save money

3- Live your best life

4- Shop locally more often

5- Become more organized

Hudson Valley Agents can help you keep 3 out of 5 of these resolutions!

  • Saving money on your insurance is easy, call, click, or stop by for a free quote on all of your insurance needs.  We work with many insurance companies that offer competitive rates and many of them are located on the east coast.
  • We love to shop local and we really love to insure local!  We work with several Hudson Valley-based insurance companies as well as companies based in New York state.  We also offer affordable insurance coverage for small businesses throughout the state.  You can always #insurelocal with us!
  • Organizing your insurance policies is easy with our free app for iPhone and Android users!  Finding your policies, making claims, making payments, even finding your car in a crowded parking lot just became a whole lot easier.

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We can insure your Etsy or Artisan small business!


Dave Jr took his Mother to the Kingston waterfront over the weekend, and their favorite spot just happens to be Smorgasburgh.  Smorgasburgh Upstate is a newcomer to the Kingston scene, but it has quickly become a “must see” on many visitors lists.  Dave Jr and Josephine thoroughly enjoyed their visit-

shopping-at-smorg BTW he totally bought the Hudson Valley print from MWN Neighborhoods, check out the link to their Etsy shop here.


These two had a blast shopping, eating, and sipping their way through a Saturday afternoon and your family will too.  Smorgasburgh is open every Saturday through October 29 and worth the trip from anywhere in the Hudson Valley.  (we totally recommend checking out Rockerbox Spice Company while you’re there, the roasted garlic dust is soo good)

Many Artisans and Craftsman have a difficult time finding coverage that fits their unique insurance needs and being under insured is almost as bad as having no coverage at all.  We understand that artists have different insurance needs, so we work with insurance companies that allow us to tailor policies to fit the needs of the client.  Call Dave Jr for further details on Vendor insurance, Artisan insurance, or Craftsman insurance today.  #insurelocal  #HudsonValleyAgents


Insurance that comes with an independent agent and a free app!

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Allow us to introduce you to HVA’s phone app!  Now Android and iPhone users can start a claim, make a payment, get a free quote, find their parked car, and more just by downloading our free app.  The Hudson Valley’s number one independent insurance agency just made insurance a whole lot smarter and easier.

HVA app free for boosting

Find out why we are the Hudson Valley’s #1 independent insurance agency, get your free insurance quote today!  #hudsonvalleyagents  #insurelocal

Is Wedding Insurance worth it?


Lately, there has been a lot of talk about weddings in our Walden office.  Ashley is engaged and so is Dave Jr, so all of this wedding talk comes as no surprise.  What is surprising is the fact that many Hudson Valley couples do not factor wedding insurance into their wedding budget!

The Hudson Valley has become an actual wedding destination paradise, and that doesn’t surprise us one bit.  The views, the farm to table food choices, the locally distilled spirits and craft beers give every wedding a sense of community and individuality (something that could never be pulled off anywhere else in the country), and that keeps couples coming back to visit year after year.  The weather in the Hudson Valley can be a bit unpredictable, remember that Nor’Easter in October 2011?  The ever-present possibility of another October Nor’Easter is a pretty good reason to invest in wedding insurance.

Wedding insurance generally covers 3 of the major reasons a wedding is canceled or postponed

  • Wedding cancellation due to death or illness
  • Wedding cancellation due to Military Service
  • Wedding cancellation due to inclement weather or natural disaster

The average cost of wedding insurance premium is incredibly reasonable, and the peace of mind it brings is priceless.  Dave Jr can help you with all of your wedding insurance needs, and he can explain how your wedding could change your auto, renters, and homeowners insurance needs, 845-778-2141.  #insurelocal  #hudsonvalleyagents