Thinking about making changes to your car?


American’s love their cars and many stay loyal to one manufacturer. My daughter loves Subaru’s, Dave Jr is a Infiniti addict while his father prefers Lexus. The rivalry between Ford and Chevy people is probably the longest running auto feud in the history of the automobile. There are those who are loyal to no particular manufacturer and love to make their cars uniquely their own. These are the people who modify their cars by swapping factory standard parts for more expensive, non-standard ones and this can pose a real problem when it comes to insurance.

I have a friend who’s a Chevy man, he will not even consider buying any other car or truck because as far as he is concerned all other vehicles are sub-standard. He inherited his Grandfather’s 1972 Chevy pick up, the body was in great shape with a recently re-built 350 engine, and it was the apple of his eye until he decided to upgrade it. He took out the 350 engine and replaced it with a 454. The factory standard carburetor was replaced with a four barrel carburetor and the rear tires were replaced with racing slicks. The truck was no longer the same one Grandpa drove and it was also no longer the truck his insurance company had insured. Four months later he crashed the truck and totaled it. All the money he put into modifying his Grandfather’s legacy could not be recouped simply because he had not picked up the phone and spoken to his insurance agent.

When you purchase car insurance you sign a legal contract and when you change the car you change the contract. If you do not take the time to speak to your insurance agent you are taking a real gamble. Some modifications could actually nullify parts of your insurance contract and that my friends just isn’t worth it.

When you put all that time and money into creating a car that is uniquely your own you should insure it with an insurance agency that shares your independent spirit. Hudson Valley Agents is that agency! We are a family owned independent insurance agency that offers low cost NY insurance. Give us a call today!