Get To Know Ashley, Our Car Insurance Guru!

If you have ever called 845-778-2141, or stopped by our office in Walden, then you have more than likely met Ashley Berry.

Ashley has been with Hudson Valley Agents since 2013. If you have car insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, or motorcycle insurance with us, then you have spoken to her or met her at our office. She handles our personal lines, and she is one of the very best in the business.

We thought it would be fun to sit her down and interview her about life, insurance, and the holidays.

Question – Is being an insurance agent boring?
Ashley – LOL! It actually isn’t. I really enjoy helping my clients find the right policy for their needs, I would want someone to do the same for me.
Question – What is the one thing that you want your clients to know about your job?
Ashley – Quoting insurance takes time. I really want to ensure that my clients have the best coverage for their dollar, and we work with 30+ companies.
Question – If you were not an insurance CSR, what would you be?
Ashley – I would be a meteorologist!
Question – What is your favorite movie?
Ashley – “Better Off Dead” I want my $2!!!!!
Question – What is your favorite holiday?
Ashley – Thanksgiving! Can’t go wrong with food and family.

Ashley’s customer service is legendary. Seriously. Just go to Google and check out the reviews for Hudson Valley Agents, we’ll wait.

See! Ashley is personally mentioned over and over again as someone who makes insurance a pleasant, dare we say enjoyable, experience.

Find out what she can do for you, call, click, or stop by. We’re always here to help. #HudsonValleyInsurance #insurelocal

We Love InsuringClassic Cars!

July 12, 2019, is Collector Car Appreciation Day!

Classic car insurance is different than regular auto insurance – classic cars are not meant to be driven regularly. This means that in general, classic car liability premiums are lower because the risk on the road is reduced.

Mileage – Accordingly, carriers often limit the number of miles you can drive your classic vehicle annually. Some are more generous than others – while some have stricter limits rewarded by lower premiums. Always be sure to check before signing on the dotted line to be sure you can drive to attend all the shows you want.

Some specialty classic car insurers offer replacement cost to what is called “Agreed Value” (or Guaranteed Value). This means that the car owner tells the insurer what they consider to be the value of their classic car. The insurer will confirm the accuracy and the two parties will ‘agree’ to a final guaranteed replacement value.

“Stated Value” refers to an amount that is ‘stated’ at the beginning of the policy – supported by documentation supporting the replacement cost. However, in the case of a loss, the insurance company does not guarantee that amount and will pay either the stated value of the actual cash value of the vehicle, whichever is less.

Commercial insurance for classic car dealers is also available. Insurance for this type of business can cover:

Damage to vehicles you own and are selling

Damage to vehicles owned by others in your care, custody, and control

Loss or damage to collectibles, memorabilia or products sold by the dealership

Physical damage to property, gas pumps or equipment

To learn more about personal and commercial classic car coverage, contact your independent insurance agent.

And if you’re in the Hudson Valley, come see us at our Hudson Valley Agents booth at the Fair Street Reformed Church’s Seventh Annual Classic Car Show in Kingston, NY on Saturday, August 17 at the corner of Fair and Pearl Streets in Uptown Kingston. #classiccarinsurance #insurelocal #HudsonValleyInsurance

Meet our staff – Ashley Berry

Ashley Berry is amazing.  Ashley handles personal lines in our Walden office, and if you have ever called us for a homeowners or auto quote she’s the lady you spoke to.  She has a talent for taking insurance-speak and making it understandable to the average mortal, so when you she explains your insurance coverage to you, you actually understand it!

Ashley is pretty crafty, check out the fairy gardens she created for our office!

She occasionally sells her fairy gardens so stop by and see her latest creations!

This isn’t Ashley’s first time being featured in our blog, so we had to switch up her bio questions-

What is your favorite song? – Build Me Up Buttercup

What is your favorite movie – Legand with Tom Cruise

How long have you been in the insurance biz? 3 1/2 years

If someone made a movie about your life who would play you?  Lisa Kudrow

What is your favorite place to visit in the Hudson Valley?  New Paltz

We are lucky to have Ashley on our team, her can-do attitude and her gorgeous fairy gardens brighten our office every day.  She can build a garden and she can insure it!    #HudsonValleyAgents  #insurelocal #fairygardens

Top 5 New Year’s resolutions in the Hudson Valley

There are only 4 more days left in 2016, and for that we are thankful!  2016 has been the year from hell for most of America and we find ourselves looking towards 2017 with hope and a little bit of nervous laughter.  2017 will be welcomed in with hearts filled with the hope that this will be the year we actually keep our New Year’s resolutions.

Making resolutions for the new year is something we have all done and 2017 will be no exception.  An impromptu poll of Hudson Valley residents (we asked our friends and family members) shows that these are the 5 most popular Hudson Valley New Year’s resolutions:

1- Lose 10 pounds

2- Save money

3- Live your best life

4- Shop locally more often

5- Become more organized

Hudson Valley Agents can help you keep 3 out of 5 of these resolutions!

  • Saving money on your insurance is easy, call, click, or stop by for a free quote on all of your insurance needs.  We work with many insurance companies that offer competitive rates and many of them are located on the east coast.
  • We love to shop local and we really love to insure local!  We work with several Hudson Valley-based insurance companies as well as companies based in New York state.  We also offer affordable insurance coverage for small businesses throughout the state.  You can always #insurelocal with us!
  • Organizing your insurance policies is easy with our free app for iPhone and Android users!  Finding your policies, making claims, making payments, even finding your car in a crowded parking lot just became a whole lot easier.

#HudsonValleyAgents #NewYearsresolutions  #insurelocal

Insurance that comes with an independent agent and a free app!

5231 Capture+_2016-08-05-11-36-20

Allow us to introduce you to HVA’s phone app!  Now Android and iPhone users can start a claim, make a payment, get a free quote, find their parked car, and more just by downloading our free app.  The Hudson Valley’s number one independent insurance agency just made insurance a whole lot smarter and easier.

HVA app free for boosting

Find out why we are the Hudson Valley’s #1 independent insurance agency, get your free insurance quote today!  #hudsonvalleyagents  #insurelocal

6 Things you need to know about buying a used car

buying a used car what you need to know

Buying a used car can be time-consuming and, let’s face it, stressful.  Today’s blog post can help make purchasing a used car a little easier, just follow these 6 tips –

  • If the car smells funny, do not buy it!  That funky smell could be mold.  Smelly trunks and upholstery can be a sign of water damage; you do not want to buy any car with water damage.
  • Find out how much you can spend before you go car shopping.  There’s no sense in falling in love with a Tesla if you can only afford a Honda.
  • Take a longer than usual test drive.  Driving the car on the highway, regular roads, hills, and sharp curves can help you get a better idea of how the car handles.  Does it struggle to go up hills?  Does it start to shimmy when you hit 45 mph?  Do not buy someone else’s problem.
  • Research the type of car you want and how much it is worth.  Check the Kelly Blue Book for information on all types of vehicles and their resale value.
  • Make sure the type of car you are interested in buying isn’t going to raise your insurance rates.
  • Take advantage of the Carfax!

Shopping for a used car can be difficult, shopping for an affordable car insurance rate doesn’t have to be.  Hudson Valley Agents is here to help, we work with many insurance companies, some of them are even located right here in the Hudson Valley, and can find you excellent insurance coverage at an affordable rate.  Contact Ashley at 845-778-2141 and #insurelocal with HVA!


How do I insure my classic car?


Restoring and driving classic and antique cars is a very rewarding and expensive pastime, and it is pretty darn popular in the Hudson Valley.

When you insure a classic or antique car there are several things you need to keep in mind:

1- Classic or Antique car insurance can limit how often or how far you drive your car.  This is not a problem for most people because they only take these fantastic old cars out for car shows, pleasure drives, and classic car meetings.  Discuss your mileage needs with your independent insurance agent.

2- If your car is not entirely restored some companies will not insure you.  Speak to your independent insurance agent about the state of your car.

3- Different insurance companies have different definitions of what makes a car a classic or an antique.  Have your independent insurance agent find an insurance company that fits your car and your budget.

There are many other things to consider when insuring your classic or antique car so contacting the insurance experts at Hudson Valley Agents is a must.   Call HVA for a free quote today and remember to #insurelocal!

5 ways to #insurelocal with HVA

HVA insuring the hv

Hudson Valley Agents has adopted the #insurelocal hashtag for a very good reason, we have 5, yes 5, New York state-based insurance companies that we work with and that is a pretty big deal.

When you insure with a regionally based insurance company your rates are regionally based.  For example, if your homeowners insurance is with Allstate or State Farm then you might have noticed an increase in your premiums after the California wild fires destroyed so many homes.  This happens when your insurance company covers everything everywhere.  A locally based insurance company’s rates reflect the risks and losses of their region and not the rest of the country.

If you would like to #insurelocal then give us a call, we work with these local companies –

Keep your money where you live, shop locally, eat locally, play locally, and insure locally with Hudson Valley Agents!


Insuring the Batmobile

im batman

One of the 3 original Batmobile is coming to the NYC Historical Society on October 9th and after reading this article I found myself wondering just what it would cost to insure the Batmobile.

Let’s look at the Batmobile the same way an insurance company would.

Age of the driverBruce Wayne first donned the Batman hood in 1939 making him 76. If he uses the same insurance company he might not have a rate increase due to his age but if he’s shopping around he would definitely find that his rates are higher due to his age. (Please note that I’m ignoring the chance that Robin would ever be allowed to drive this car)

Area in which the car is driven – Gotham is a pretty rough city, lots of crime and vandalism, insurance rates would reflect this. On the other hand he does live fairly close to where he works and his rates could reflect a low mileage deduction.

Type of Car/cost of replacement – The Batmobile is a custom car and custom cars sometimes need specialty insurance. Add to that the cost of insuring all of the bells and whistles that must have been custom installed: The Bat Beam, closed circuit camera, and didn’t he have something that released grease onto the roads? The cost of reinstalling these items is enough to make any insurance agent cringe. Wait a second, is the Batmobile even street legal?

Driving record – This is an unknown component. Did Commissioner Gordon ignore Batman’s speeding tendencies? What about all of the cars he’s sideswiped and did not stop to leave notes on? I do not think we can truly evaluate this until we speak to Commissioner Gordon himself.

I called Dave Jr at Hudson Valley Agent’s Walden office and asked him what he thought Batman’s insurance premiums would be. We discussed everything that factors into the calculations and decided that Batman would have to self insure. His alter ego, Bruce Wayne is a millionaire and surely he can afford to repair or replace it! Perhaps if Batman didn’t “drive it like he stole it” HVA could find him affordable car insurance but sadly even we have our limitations.

Luckily you and I do not drive Batmobiles and Hudson Valley Agents can insure your car easily. Call us today 778-2141.

Get to know the Orange County Speedway!


I grew up in Orange county, Mount Hope to be specific (don’t blink or you’ll miss it), and one of my clearest young adolescent memories is watching my cousin Kathy getting ready to go to the races on Saturday nights. I think she went to every single race on that track from the 1970’s – 1990’s! The Orange County Speedway was a pretty big deal back then and for many people it still is.

The Orange County Speedway’s very first race happened on August 16, 1919 and was won by James Benedict. The track has undergone many changes since it first opened in 1857, back then they raced horses on the track. One man had a vision of racing cars on the dirt track instead of horses and we have him to thank for what the Orange County Speedway has become – George Martin. George went before the Orange county Fair’s board of directors every year for six years with his vision and was turned down six times. Thankfully the seventh time was the charm and we’ve had cars racing on the track ever since. You can find out all about the speedway’s history at

Back in the bad old 1980’s the Orange County Speedway was home to some of the best concerts the Hudson Valley has ever seen. Aerosmith, Huey Lewis and the News, 38 Special, Yes, I could go on and on. If you were a big name in the 80’s the chances are pretty good that you played a show or two at the speedway/fairgrounds. Stop in at HVA’s Walden office one of these days and ask Dave Jr about the time that lightning hit the stage while Aerosmith was singing “When Lightning Strikes”, he remembers it like it was yesterday!

The Orange County Speedway is a big part of the Hudson Valley’s history. It has the distinction of being the oldest operating dirt race track in the United States. Get outside and explore Orange county and the Orange County Speedway this weekend! Hudson Valley Agents can insure whatever you drive to the speedway, but they can’t “insure” that your driver will win.  Remember – Race local, shop local, eat local, and insure local with HVA!