Windshield Repair: What to Do

Car windshields can become chipped, cracked, or broken. Weather, gravel, birds, pebbles, tree branches, and acts of vandalism can all be contributed to windshield damages. Contact your Hudson Valley Agents in Walden, NY anytime your vehicle suffers an injury no matter if it is minor or severe.

Repairing the Damage to Your Window

In New York, you cannot drive your vehicle if the windshield is broken and causes your visibility to be obscured. A small crack that is smaller than a dollar bill can be repaired quickly and easily by a professional for less than $100. There are some exceptions that will cause you to replace the entire windshield.

  • If the crack is located in the driver’s eye line
  • More than a couple of cracks at one time
  • If the car and windshield is old
  • The crack is on the edge of the windshield

A small crack should be repaired as soon as you notice it. When they are small, they are easier to repair, but tiny chips can turn into a large spider web crack in a matter of weeks or even days.

Understanding Insurance Coverage for Your Windshield

Comprehensive will be the coverage that will most likely cover the cost for damage to your windshield. Once you contact your local insurance agents, they will be able to help you determine what you can do to get your windshield repaired or replaced.

Comprehensive coverage usually pays for damage caused by things other than a collision. So, if a bird flies into your windshield, comprehensive is the coverage you will need.

Discuss having your windshield repaired with the Hudson Valley Agents in Walden, NY. They can consult with you on the right coverage you will need for your automobile. These independent agents can also discuss starting a home, commercial, or life insurance policy.


Here’s an easy way to save 10% on your auto insurance


If you’re reading this then you’re probably already on our website, why not take a moment to click on our Online Defensive Driving class?  Taking, and passing, a defensive driving class can reduce your car insurance by 10% and you become eligible for ticket point reduction, which could remove as many as 4 points from your license (which also lowers your insurance rates… just sayin).  The savings can be applied to your motorcycle insurance as well as commercial auto insurance too!  The course costs $33 and can be taken while wearing your bathrobe and slippers, how easy is that?  #savemoneyoncarinsurance  #insurelocal  #HudsonValleyAgents


Do you need commercial auto insurance?

Are you a realtor, home appraiser, or pizza delivery person?  If you are, you probably have questions about commercial auto policies vs personal auto policies and the insurance companies that allow some commercial use on a personal auto policy.  This infographic should help, but one phone call to Kathy or Ashley (845-778-2141) can get you further info and a free quote too!  #commercialautoinsurance  #personalautoinsurance  #insurelocal  #HudsonValleyAgents


A NY Defensive Driving Course Can Save You Money

If like most people you are probably interested in saving money on auto insurance. You know that having adequate coverage is important. Perhaps you have seen a friend in Walden, NY with a limited policy get into an accident and wind up having to pay expenses out of pocket. For this reason, you are wise and have insurance from Hudson Valley Agents. The professionals here work hard to provide basic liability coverage and beyond.

Yet, you want to know more about savings, right?  Following are some ways that a Walden, NY driving school can help you save on auto insurance.

1. You Become a Safer Drive

These schools teach you defensive driving skills. You will be better at avoiding the mistakes that lead to traffic infractions. You will be better equipped to prevent accidents as well.

Both traffic tickets and accidents can cause your insurance rate to rise because you are assumed to be a greater risk. So, going to driving school can help you maintain a lower rate.

2. State Mandated Auto Insurance Discount 

The state of New York takes driver education seriously. The authorities want as many motorists to take these courses as possible. To get people to enroll, the state has created some incentives. Graduates can receive a reduction of license infraction points. Best of all, New York drivers who complete an approved program receive a three-year, ten percent auto insurance discount by law.

Enroll in Driver Education and Contact an Agent

To take advantage of these savings, enroll in a driver education program today. At the same time, be sure to check with the professionals at Hudson Valley Agents for more information on possible discounts. You can also use the online rate quote toll to get an idea of how affordable policies can be.


7 Winter Driving Tips for the Hudson Valley

Happy Monday Hudson Valley!  The sky is overcast, the temperature has dropped significantly, Hudson Valley Weather is forecasting anywhere between 2 to 8 inches of snow, and it’s all supposed to start just before the 5 O’Clock commute home.  Not cool Mother Nature, not cool at all.  It has been a while since we’ve had a major snowfall so we thought it was time for some tips to make your afternoon commute safer.

The 7 Winter driving tips below come from personal experience.

1- 4-Wheel drive does NOTHING when driving on ice.

2- Stewarts will still have eggs, bread, and milk so there is no need to speed.

3- Steering into the direction of a skid actually works.

4- Smooth starts and stops make all the difference when driving in the snow.  Avoid jamming on the brake or gas pedals if you’re able.

5- STAY OFF OF THE PHONE!  Text friends and family before you leave and give them your route information, if something should happen they’ll know where to send help.

6- Avoid the Taconic State Parkway

7- You might be an excellent driver in the snow but there are others who are not.  Stay off of the roads unless you really have to go somewhere.

For further information about winter driving check out, and for affordable car insurance rates call Ashley at Hudson Valley Agents (845-778-2141).  Drive safe and insure local!   #drivesafe  #insurelocal  #HudsonValleyAgents

4 Facts to Know About Your Auto Insurance

If you are in the market for new auto insurance, then our team at Hudson Valley Agents in Walden, NY wants to help you make an informed decision.

With many drivers knowing very little about their coverage, we thought it would be helpful to present some facts to you so that you can make an informed decision about your next auto insurance coverage.

Multiple Factors Affect Your Rate

Reducing the cost of your auto insurance coverage can be done. However, to get the most bang for your buck, it’s best to try to reduce your rate in various ways since multiple factors affect your rate. To improve your chances of reducing your monthly bill consider three of four different ways to reduce the cost of your coverage.

You Are Responsible When You Let People Drive Your Vehicle

The rate you pay for your auto insurance in Walden, NY is based on risks. If you are viewed as a risky driver, then you will likely pay more for your auto insurance. Additionally, if you allow other people to drive your vehicles, then you will likely have to pay more because they increase your risks. Typically, when you live with additional people, insurance companies assume they have access to your vehicles, so they may be a factor in determining your auto insurance rate.

Basic Coverage May Not Be Enough

Getting basic auto insurance coverage may seem like a value, until it’s not. With basic coverage, many people learn the hard way that they didn’t have enough coverage to cover their financial needs following an accident. Do not get caught off guard financially. Get a quote for auto insurance coverage based on your financial risks.

Increasing Your Deductible Can Save You Money

At Hudson Valley, your deductible is the amount of money you are responsible for when you experience a loss. When you opt for a higher deductible, you’ll likely get a decrease in your monthly premium.

At Hudson Valley Agents, we want to be your auto insurance partners. We can help you get the right amount and type of insurance based on your needs. Give us a call today to get started.


3 Things you need to know about insurance and income taxes

It’s Tax Season and there are 3 things you should know about income taxes and insurance:

There is one man who can help with your income taxes and your insurance and he happens to be in our Middletown office, David Bonne Sr.   Dave Sr has decades of insurance experience and five years of income tax experience with Liberty Tax Service and he’s happy to put all of that knowledge to work for you.

Let our family help your family save time and money today!  #LibertyTax  #HudsonValleyAgents  #insurelocal  #taxseason  #deathandtaxes

Top 5 New Year’s resolutions in the Hudson Valley

There are only 4 more days left in 2016, and for that we are thankful!  2016 has been the year from hell for most of America and we find ourselves looking towards 2017 with hope and a little bit of nervous laughter.  2017 will be welcomed in with hearts filled with the hope that this will be the year we actually keep our New Year’s resolutions.

Making resolutions for the new year is something we have all done and 2017 will be no exception.  An impromptu poll of Hudson Valley residents (we asked our friends and family members) shows that these are the 5 most popular Hudson Valley New Year’s resolutions:

1- Lose 10 pounds

2- Save money

3- Live your best life

4- Shop locally more often

5- Become more organized

Hudson Valley Agents can help you keep 3 out of 5 of these resolutions!

  • Saving money on your insurance is easy, call, click, or stop by for a free quote on all of your insurance needs.  We work with many insurance companies that offer competitive rates and many of them are located on the east coast.
  • We love to shop local and we really love to insure local!  We work with several Hudson Valley-based insurance companies as well as companies based in New York state.  We also offer affordable insurance coverage for small businesses throughout the state.  You can always #insurelocal with us!
  • Organizing your insurance policies is easy with our free app for iPhone and Android users!  Finding your policies, making claims, making payments, even finding your car in a crowded parking lot just became a whole lot easier.

#HudsonValleyAgents #NewYearsresolutions  #insurelocal

Big name insurance that comes with a small town agent


You do not have to go online to insure your car, boat, or motorcycle with one of the big insurance companies like Liberty Mutual or Progressive Insurance! I mean you can, but why? Hudson Valley Agents can do everything an online insurance company can do, and then some.

Let’s talk about the differences between getting your car insurance directly from the company versus purchasing car insurance through Hudson Valley Agents:


  • You can shop for car insurance from your couch
  • Quick and convenient
  • Online bill pay
  • Helpful free app
  • No assistance comparing previous coverage to current coverage
  • No way to know if another company would be cheaper
  • Does not come with an “insurance speak” translator
  • No way to know if you are under insured or over insured
  • Good customer service


  • You still do not have to leave your couch
  • Also quick and convenient
  • Same access to online bill pay
  • We have a free app too, bill pay, claims, find your car, and more
  • We put our decades of insurance knowledge to work helping you choose the best coverage for your insurance needs
  • We work with 20 different insurance companies, some of which are located right here in the Hudson Valley, and we do the rate shopping for you. By the way, we also write insurance through those same big online companies like Progressive Insurance and Liberty Mutual.
  • We eat, sleep, and dream in insurance speak, and we know how to translate it too
  • Finding you the right coverage is what we do best
  • We offer an excellent customer experience
  • We can accept payments at either of our two locations (Walden or Middletown) Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, and we usually have candy at our desks (just saying…)

Progressive Insurance and Hudson Valley Agents are working together to bring the best auto insurance to everyone in the Hudson Valley! Find out what makes us different, call, click or stop in today.

#insurelocal #HudsonValleyAgents

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Why You Might Want to Keep a Teen on Your Auto Insurance

If you have a teen driver in your Walden, NY, home, the initial impulse may be to get them a car and their own insurance. And, why not? Independence is the American way.  Every teen wants to be able to drive around town without their parents. They will need their own auto insurance policy, right? Well, not so fast. There are some possible downsides to letting a teen go it alone when it comes to auto insurance.  Hudson Valley Agents is here to help.

Higher Accident Rates

When insurance actuaries calculate prices for policies, they take into consideration auto accident rates. Quite simply, teens are a very high risk. They are the most likely demographic to  end up in a road accident. These odds rise exponentially when more than one teen is in the car together without adult supervision.

So, if you have a teen driver expect to pay more on insurance.

Keep Them on Your Auto Insurance

A simple way to mitigate the cost of insuring a teen driver is to keep them on your family plan. Your own sterling driving record will help keep the cost lower than the extremely high costs often associated with insuring a teen.

Yes, it is likely that you will be paying a bit more in general; however, bundling them onto your already existing account or buying a new family policy can lead to lower overall payments than are usual for those who have separate teen policies.

Start Searching Today

The best way to find out how much you can save with this method is to search online using a convenient Walden, NY, rate calculator. You will receive a fast quote on how much a comprehensive auto insurance policy for you and your teen will cost. Contact Hudson Valley Agents today!