Amazing insurance coverage for Tattoo artists

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Tattoos and body piercing have become the norm rather than the strange, finally. Insurance companies have finally caught up to the idea that tattoo parlors, tattoo artists, and piercing artists need a different type of insurance model than the average small business. Hudson Valley Agents has a great new insurance program for tattoo and piercing professionals that was created with the help of actual tattoo and piercing artists! Insurance companies know insurance but only a tattoo artist/owner really understands what the industry really needs. This policy has the best of both worlds.

When you call Hudson Valley Agents to talk tattoo and body piercing insurance these are a few of different types of coverage you’ll be discussing –

-Body Piercing liability insurance (including minors)

-Tattoo Show & Convention liability insurance

-Communicable Disease coverage

-Guest Artist liability coverage

-Sexual Abuse & Molestation coverage

-Tattoo and Body Piercing professional liability coverage

This short list barely scratches the surface of the coverage that is available. Many tattoo parlors are owned by a tattoo artist, someone who has paid their dues in ink and blood and protecting their professional assets is important to them. The insurance industry is finally able to offer these artist/owners the coverage their thriving businesses deserve and it’s about time! The program promises great insurance coverage for tattoo and piercing artists and they offer same day coverage too.

Stop by our Walden office and speak to Dave Jr about insuring your Tattoo/Piercing business today. He’ll even happily show off his latest ink from Dana at Karma Tattoo in uptown Kingston! Yes Hudson Valley, even insurance agents and bloggers have ink these days and we aren’t afraid to show it off! Do you have a favorite tattoo or piercing artist? Make sure to share today’s blog with them and help their business grow. Remember – shop local, eat local, insure local & ink local!