A Tale Of Two Insurance Quotes

Once upon a time, in the great land of Hudson Valley, a young man found himself in need of car insurance. Where oh where should he go to find the best coverage at a reasonable rate?

The young man frantically pulled out his phone and typed the words “Car Insurance In The Hudson Valley” into a search engine, desperate to choose the right one but unsure which link to click on, what to do?

The first few links were all names that he recognized, State Farm, Allstate, and that little lizard-like creature. Next to these names was a small box that said “Ad.” “Those companies have paid to be seen first.”, He thought to himself, “Best to scroll down a bit to see what else there is.”. With just one flick of his finger, he found himself on a name that he recognized but had never thought to try, Hudson Valley Agents.

“Just look at all of those positive reviews!”, He thought to himself as he quickly scanned the web preview, “Could this be the one? How will I know?”. The young man was so uncertain that he decided to ask for quotes from two different companies, just to find out which one was the most affordable.

The young man clicked on the link for Esurance, and within minutes had a super affordable rate, but no idea what his policy really covered. There were a lot of words like “Aggregate No-Fault Benefits” and “Supplemental Uninsured/Under-Insured Motorists,” what language was this? Was this the insurance coverage he needed, or was he going to be paying for coverage that he did not actually need?

The young man then clicked on the link for Hudson Valley Agents. He filled out an online application, and within seconds his phone rang! The woman on the phone walked him through what coverages he needed, and what he did not. “Why pay for coverage you don’t need?’ the woman on the phone said. “We work hard to ensure that all of our clients have the best insurance coverage with the lowest rates possible, and we work fast!”, Said the woman on the phone. In less than 10 minutes the young man had his insurance policy and his ID cards emailed to him, and he was on his way!

The young man took his young lady to dinner that night and told her all about how easy it was to insure his car with Hudson Valley Agents. He pulled out his phone and showed her how simple it would be for her to do the same. She was so happy that she accepted his marriage proposal and they lived happily ever after.

Happy National Tell A Story Day Hudson Valley!

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