A NY Defensive Driving Course Can Save You Money

If like most people you are probably interested in saving money on auto insurance. You know that having adequate coverage is important. Perhaps you have seen a friend in Walden, NY with a limited policy get into an accident and wind up having to pay expenses out of pocket. For this reason, you are wise and have insurance from Hudson Valley Agents. The professionals here work hard to provide basic liability coverage and beyond.

Yet, you want to know more about savings, right?  Following are some ways that a Walden, NY driving school can help you save on auto insurance.

1. You Become a Safer Drive

These schools teach you defensive driving skills. You will be better at avoiding the mistakes that lead to traffic infractions. You will be better equipped to prevent accidents as well.

Both traffic tickets and accidents can cause your insurance rate to rise because you are assumed to be a greater risk. So, going to driving school can help you maintain a lower rate.

2. State Mandated Auto Insurance Discount 

The state of New York takes driver education seriously. The authorities want as many motorists to take these courses as possible. To get people to enroll, the state has created some incentives. Graduates can receive a reduction of license infraction points. Best of all, New York drivers who complete an approved program receive a three-year, ten percent auto insurance discount by law.

Enroll in Driver Education and Contact an Agent

To take advantage of these savings, enroll in a driver education program today. At the same time, be sure to check with the professionals at Hudson Valley Agents for more information on possible discounts. You can also use the online rate quote toll to get an idea of how affordable policies can be.