9 Magazines that are all about our Hudson Valley


There are many publications that I go out of my way to read every month and they are all Hudson Valley based and many of them are free. These publications are all about the Hudson Valley and some are just about certain Hudson Valley counties.

Let’s start with the two Hudson Valley food loving magazines (aka food porn)-

EDIBLE HUDSON VALLEY – This publication celebrates every aspect of food in ten different counties. Farmers, vineyards, bakers, if someone has something to do with the Hudson Valley food scene chances are they can be found within these pages. This is a quarterly publication and can be found online or free in many small businesses around the Hudson Valley.

THE VALLEY TABLE – Supporting and celebrating local sustainable agriculture and celebrating the food of the Hudson Valley is what this publication does best! The Valley Table launched Hudson Valley Restaurant week in 2006 and it has become a highly anticipated event. This is a free publication that can be found online or in certain small businesses in March, June, September, and December.

Many counties in the Hudson Valley also have their own publications celebrating what makes their corner of the Hudson Valley so special. Ulster Magazine, Orange Magazine, Westchester, and Rivertown Magazine covers Rockland county. Who knew these counties had enough going on to fill an entire magazine? Both Pine Bush and Walden have excellent publications devoted to them as well.

If you have never picked up a copy of Hudson Valley magazine or Chronogram you are missing out on some of the best things about our Hudson Valley! Hudson Valley magazine can be found at almost every book store and grocery store in our valley and Chronogram is a free publication that can be found almost everywhere. Beautiful photos and well written articles filled with Hudson Valley information, trivia, food, and news can be found in both of these publications.

As you already know, Hudson Valley Agents has a whole lotta love for the Hudson Valley! That is why we urge you to check out these publications, support their advertisers, and share your Hudson Valley pride! Remember to shop local, eat local, and insure local with Hudson Valley Agents!