5 ways to keep your home safe while you are away

5 tips vacation

I am planning a trip to Massachusetts this Fall and I logged into my Facebook account to ask friends and family for “must see” things to do while I’m there. I stopped, it seems that I had almost forgotten a cardinal rule of homeowner safety – NEVER POST YOUR VACATION PLANS ON SOCIAL MEDIA! If I had made that post I would have practically invited someone to rob me. Wouldn’t my homeowners insurance company love that claim?

When you leave for vacation the very last thing you want to worry about is your home. That’s why you have homeowners insurance. You still have to do your part and make sure that your home will be safe while you’re away. I’ve put together some common sense tips that should help you enjoy your vacation without worry –

1- DO NOT POST TRAVEL PLANS ON SOCIAL MEDIA! No “Finally relaxing” posts from the beach, and do not “check in”. If your friends can see it so can thieves.

2- Hire a house sitter or ask a family member or trusted neighbor to check on your home. Having someone stop by at random times while you are away helps keeps thieves at bay and they can take care of your plants too!

3- Call your alarm company. Let them know that you’ll be away and give them the names of the people who will be checking on the house. Make sure that you prominently display the stickers and such that your alarm company gave you, who wants to break into a house with an alarm system?

4- Have your mail held. Nothing says “I’m not home” like an overflowing mail box. If you forget to have your mail held make sure you ask someone to pick up your mail.

5- Unplug anything that does not need to be plugged in! Lamps that aren’t on timers, toasters, hair dryers, and cell phone chargers. If no one will be using it don’t leave it plugged in.

Worrying about your house while you are on vacation can really put a damper on your fun and relaxation. Knowing that your homeowners insurance policy from Hudson Valley Agents will help you replace anything lost or stolen while you’re on vacation is a beautiful thing. HVA can insure you, your home, your car while it sits at the airport parking lot, and your vacation too! Get the peace of mind that comes with quality insurance coverage!