5 easy ways to protect yourself from identity theft

protect yourself from identity theft

Do you know these 5 easy ways to reduce your risk of identity theft?

  • NEVER carry your social security card in your wallet
  • ALWAYS shred credit card offers as well as any mail that has account numbers on it
  • NEVER reply to unsolicited phone calls or email that request personal information (mother’s maiden name, birthdate, social security number)
  • DO NOT play games or take quizzes on Facebook or other social media sites, many of these third party sites harvest your personal information for hackers
  • ALWAYS add an identity theft rider to your homeowners insurance policy

Identity theft can be costly to repair, an identity theft rider added to your homeowners policy can significantly reduce your costs and help to protect your assets.  Find out more about identity theft insurance by calling Dave Jr at Hudson Valley Agents today.  845-778-2141  #insurelocal