4 Reasons people do not buy life insurance

No one wants to talk to a life insurance agent.  When a life insurance agent walks into a party, everyone pretends they aren’t there.  Seriously, it is that bad.  The very idea of purchasing life insurance strikes terror in the hearts of normally intelligent humans and we understand why, no one likes to think about dying.  The truth is, we aren’t a big fan of the topic either.

Life insurance is actually more about life than it is about death.  Yes, ensuring that funeral costs and medical bills aren’t a burden on your grieving family is a big part of the discussion, but it is not the only topic.  Planning for your children’s college education, paying off the mortgage, and managing credit card debt is also part of the conversation.  Having this difficult conversation now means that the long term financial goals you and your spouse set for your family remain a reality.

So let us address the image above and the reasons people are not buying life insurance:

1- Life insurance can be affordable at any age.

2- The terminology can be really confusing, that is the reason you need an insurance advocate, aka an independent insurance agent.

3 – We do the shopping for you.  We have access to many different insurance companies and will find the coverage to fit your needs and your budget.

4 – We don’t like thinking about death either, but we will if it helps our clients plan for their family’s future.

Dave Jr is our expert when it comes to life insurance and he’s a pretty easy guy to talk to so give him a call, 845-778-2141.  We are Hudson Valley Agents.

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