3 Things your homeowners insurance doesn’t cover

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Yes Hudson Valley your basic homeowners insurance policy does not cover everything that could happen to your home. There are certain, specific, things that insurance companies simply will not insure through your standard homeowners policy and today’s blog will focus on three of these things.

FLOODING – Should your home become damaged due to a flood you might find yourself up that proverbial creek sans paddle. Flood insurance is never included in a standard homeowners policy. Flood insurance can be purchased from the National Flood Insurance Program.

MOLD REMEDIATION – Mold remediation is not covered by homeowners insurance in New York State. Arkansas and North Carolina residents are in the same boat. Mold needs damp conditions to grow and generally only grows when a home is poorly maintained.

TRAMPOLINES AND TREE HOUSES – If you want to watch an insurance agent cringe just tell him about the time you jumped out of your tree house, landed on your trampoline, and bounced into your non-gated in the ground pool. Trampolines and tree houses are two items that insurance companies simply refuse to cover. If your insurance company finds out that you have either of these on your property you could find yourself canceled.

There are many other things that a standard homeowners policy does not cover and finding out what you aren’t covered for is pretty important. Remember the saying “Knowledge is power”? Well it is when it comes to your homeowners insurance. Take the time to sit down with your local independent insurance agent and go over your policy with him or her. Once you know what is and is not covered you and your agent can discuss the things that should be added (or subtracted) from your current policy.

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