3 Things you need to know about Boat Insurance


Before you know it you will be seeing boats and all sorts of personal watercraft on the Hudson river.  Now is the time to think about your boat insurance!  Here are 3 things you need to know –

1- Not all boat insurance is created equal.  Some policies cover towing (both on the water or on a boat trailer), some policies cover your fishing tackle too.  Talking to your insurance agent about what you need and what you want covered is important.

2- Your homeowners insurance might cover some boating insurance issues but it will not cover all of them.  In 2003 alone there was $39 million dollars worth of damage done to and by privately owned boats and personal watercraft.  Having the correct type and amount of insurance is important.  BTW- personal watercrafts need insurance too.

3- Not all boating accidents occur on the water.  A boat or personal watercraft that is not secured correctly when being towed can cause very real and very costly damage that your auto insurance might not cover.

Before you put your boat in the water for the first time you need to make sure that you have it properly insured!  Boat insurance through Hudson Valley Agents is the best way to ensure that you, your fishing tackle, and your guests are well protected.  Enjoy the 2016 boating season,  wear your life jacket, follow the boating rules, and insure locally with Hudson Valley Agents.