3 things about your car insurance that will surprise you

3 things car ins

Have you ever actually read your car insurance policy?  Many of us have not simply because we trust that our insurance agent understands it and knows what is covered and what isn’t.  There can be surprises hiding in that policy and here are 3 that you may not know about –

1- If you have a job delivering pizza (or you drive for Uber) you need to call your insurance agent ASAP!  Use of a personal vehicle for business can leave you paying out of pocket for any accidents you have.  There are specific policies tailored to fit those who drive their car for a living.

2- If your car is damaged due to a riot or terrorist attack you are probably covered, it depends on the type of insurance you have.  If your car is damaged due to an act of war then you are out of luck.

3- Your homeowners insurance does not have coverage for earthquakes or flooding but your car insurance probably does.

Your car insurance policy is a legally binding contract.  The insurance company has to play by the rules and so do you.  A good insurance agent will take the time to explain your policy to you and can decipher all of the insurance-speak.  Hudson Valley Agents has been insuring Hudson Valley motorists for over 25 years, let them put their insurance knowledge to work for you.  Call 845-778-2141 for a free quote today!  #insurelocal