3 Hudson Valley Breweries to visit on National Beer Day


Today is the anniversary of a very special day in American history. In 1933 on March 22cnd Franklin D Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harrison act into law and on April 7th of that same year the law went into effect, for the first time in 13 years Americans could once again legally buy, sell, and drink alcohol. Thus national beer day was born!

The Hudson Valley is home to some of the finest independent breweries in the country and as a result many Hudson Valley residents are “beer snobs”. I happen to be one of the biggest Hudson Valley beer snobs and I think we have a pretty good reason to be snobbish, our local independent breweries rock! Allow me to share my top 2 picks and one that’s on my “To Explore” list with you and please feel free to share your favorites in the comments below, we love your feedback!

#1 – KEEGAN ALES – Is this my favorite because it happens to be only a few blocks from my home, yes and no. The beers are phenomenal, the bar is decorated with local art work, the bartenders are friendly, there’s always live music, and they give back to the community. What more could you want in a brew pub? Hint – Try the Mother’s Milk & Jo Mama’s Milk

#2 – HYDE PARK BREWING COMPANY – Live music, check. Great food, check. Warm comfortable atmosphere, check. Good beer, double check!!! They opened their doors in 1995 and they get better every year. Hint – Try the Rough Rider Red

#3 – THE NEWBURGH BREWING COMPANY – These guys just won the America’s Best Loved Beer Label competition, how cool is that? This place is on my “To explore” list. Just exploring their website for this blog post caused me ponder heading there tonight for dinner!

The Hudson Valley has two other beer related things to celebrate on national Beer day – The Hudson Valley Beer Trail and the Little Beer Bus. Both are the brain children of Hudson Valley native, Tania Dougherty. Enjoy a safe and easy visit to many of the Hudson Valley’s local independent breweries while aboard the Little Beer Bus, what could be easier?

So have a safe and happy national Beer day Hudson Valley. Remember that tickets and DWI’s can and will raise your insurance rates so drink responsibly and always arrange for a designated driver, or call a cab, or schedule a trip on the Little Beer Bus. Shop local, eat local, drink local, and insure local! Oh, did I mention that we can insure your brewery?